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Treasure Hunters Episode 4 Recap The Pot of Gold at the end of the Railroad

Posted on 07/12/2006 by RealityWanted in Treasure Hunters

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By: Lexy Walker

This week, the treasure hunters depart o­n a wicked hunt for a $30,000 gold bounty, an added bonus before the next team gets eliminated. Underground secret railroads are the key to this episode's adventures.
The first clue lies at their doorsteps. In the morning's paper, the teams search for their next destination. A reprint of a Walt Whitman article leads them to a secret underground tunnel in downtown Brooklyn. Lying underneath the busy streets, the abandoned tunnel contains the clue to their first destination. The tunnel is o­nly accessible by a manhole located at Atlantic and Court Streets.

The Miss USA team is the first to arrive at the tunnel. Down below, a message is inscribed o­n the walls, and the girls decide to look no further despite handling the clue, as well as several civil war artifacts. When the next two teams come up from the tunnel with the book, the girls go back down to retrieve their clue. Inside the book they find a pair of glasses and a copy of the poem o­n the wall. The poem, Follow the Drinking Gourd, that was used by the slaves to guide them through the Underground Railroad and out of the South to freedom.

As the teams retrieve the clue for their next destination, they receive a phone call from host Laird MacIntosh telling them that the first team to arrive at their next site will be the winner of $30,000 worth of gold coins.

The Southie Boys are the first to depart for the Beneventum Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina. After a long grueling ride, tensions are running amongst the teams. They arrive to South Carolina's 101-degree temperatures with 98% humidity. The physical and emotional challenges begin to mound o­n each of the teams.

The theme of underground secret railroads is continued at the Plantation. Here the teams are directed to a key and a flag that is stitched with a map. Before their emancipation, slaves hid maps in code o­n flags. Using the poem, Follow the Drinking Gourd, the teams are to find 6 boxes in the swamp. The map is coded with symbols that correspond to key parts of the song. Each box must be found in the order of the song to retrieve the gold.

The toughness of this challenge brings two unlikely teams to form an alliance when we see the Southie Boys briefly team up with the Fogals. The Southie Boys pay for their choice by having to listen to the Fogal daughter complain and whine the whole time. In fact, she cried with each step. In the meantime, the Ex-CIA are the first to arrive at the "Sun" box which opens with their key. Inside, there are more keys to open the next box. The Ex-CIA are the first to arrive at the quail box and the old man box. Inside the old man box, they find the gold!

The teams then receive a message directing them o­n the next part of their journey, a boat ride to a safe house. It's at this point, the teams have the choice of eliminating o­ne of their teammates off the team for the remainder of the hunt. The boat can o­nly hold two passengers so the teams will have to give up a 3-hour lead to go back for the last teammate.

The Ex-CIA, Southie Boys, Air Force and Miss USA teams all go back for their teammate citing the team is more important than the time. The Fogals go back for their daughter despite initially deciding not to return for her. The Browns, who have been in last place for yet again another episode, lose a teammate to injury as Keith is transported out of the swamp by ambulance.

The episode ends with a "To Be Continued" as we see the Geniuses, coming in at 6th place, debating the logic of going back for the teammate they consider the hindrance to their physical achievement. We don't get to find out which team was eliminated this week, and we won't know if the Geniuses find the heart to go back for Sam until next week's episode.

About the Author:

Treasure Hunters Episode Recaps by Lexy Walker. Ms. Walker is a freelance writer and moderator for
TreasureHuntersQuest.com, a community forum for the new reality-TV show Treasure Hunters.


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