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Big Brother All-Stars Delivers Breathtaking Premiere

Posted on 07/07/2006 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By: Lin Sbordone

They promised us an unforgettable season.  They delivered the most stunning premiere in its history.  If CBS continues along the lines of the subtle editing cuts, big plot focus, and carefully planned characterizations, ratings could soar justifiably this season o­n the backs of a camera hungry cast, all fighting to stay towards the background and out of nomination chairs, but differently than in previous seasons.  Wait no longer to find out what really happened o­n this surprisingly breathtaking premiere.First, we see the potential cast lined up in front of the house.  With the slip of the full cast leaked in the audio incident two days ago, this was expected to be anti-climatic, but just watching the clothing these people chose will leave you rolling in laughter.  According to Julie Chen, due to the close numbers in voting, four America's choices allowed in with the girls first, neither group said to be in any particular order.  First into the house were Janelle Pierzina, Erika Landen, Diane Henry, and Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon followed by their "America's Choice" counterparts Howie Gordon, Kaysar Ridha, James Rhine, and Jase Wirey.  The producer picks were Will Kirby, Danielle Reyes, Marcellas Reynolds, Alison Irwin, Mike "Boogie" Malin, and "Chicken" George Boswell.  Letting the All-Stars know whom the public voted in may lead to those houseguests disadvantage, which remains an unknown factor for now.
As usual, the champagne flowed prior to the HOH competition.  (Why these people never figure this trick out is unbeknownst to any thinking human!)  The o­nly surprise here was the stunning shot of Kaysar Ridha, shown in close-up, imbibing a substance that clearly looked to froth like, bubble like, and shared the exact coloring of everyone else's champagne.  Dubbed "America's favorite Muslim" by Arnold Shapiro himself, could it be that this is part of his stated effort to fit in more and bolster his claim that he is "street"?  Champagne or no, he certainly has made enemies of Dr. Will and Mike "Boogie", a man dangerously in need of dropping his "You know I'm from the Hollywood scene...Oh, I'm so cool..." routine and quickly.  While no o­ne in the house is happy with the old Sovereign alliance returning, instead of engaging in the butt-kissing seen by some others, the scene moves to these two, always alone, speaking over their champagne in the kitchen.  Slightly after Kaysar yelled upstairs to Dr. Will the challenge in front of all other houseguests saying, "Don't make yourself too comfortable," the scene switches to a kitchen conversation of the two.  Will state to Boogie suddenly, "Where are Kaysar and James...Clearly they have something going."  (The camera then shoots to a steaming Kaysar listening to a conversation with other Sovs before switching back.)  Will proceeds to say, "He's (Kaysar) a smug _____" to which Mike Boogie retorts, "We're going to have to hurt him, in a VERY painful way."  Dr. Will, gleam in eye and suavely swallowing the remainder of his champagne, retorts with a devious grin, "Alright."
Then with no surprise, suddenly the HOH competition occurs.  The basis of this was stars, likely representing the All-Stars as stated by Howie, combined with a 50lb meteor that the All-Stars threw at another houseguest of their choice.  If they knocked him/her out it results in the player's elimination.  Interestingly, and in more BB genius, the houseguests were "knocked off their pedestals" by the meteor and their competition.  The brilliance of this emphasized by the inclusion of Howe's comment, but that does it little justice towards the score o­ne true psychological mess-up CBS got in with this o­ne.  New HOH rules insure that this gets overshadowed.  Julie explains before the competition that not o­nly will there be two HOHs, but also these HOHs must agree o­n nominations or they themselves go in the nomination chairs.  Thanks Big Brother: This is quality TV.
There were some highlights and themes, which played out during the event, making it worthy of its airtime for o­nce.  Danielle continues her vendetta against Marcellas and takes him out.  Everyone else is worried about the season 6ers.  Kaysar intentionally goes for Will's "right-hand man" Boogie and Boogie falls off, though claims that it was a completely intentional throw which video leaves the viewer to choose, though I must reveal that  James' diary room comment  Batman = Will, Boogie = Robin comment was FAR more entertaining and a better analogy as well regarding the pair.  Combined with his known strengths and his BB6 affiliations, his association with Kaysar has become a problem for James.  Will directly takes out Kaysar with an interesting throw that circulates around Alison and back o­nto Kaysar, catching him off-guard a bit.  Will decides to ride the asteroid in an attempt to land back o­n the pedestal as a threat to the other houseguests, but ends up taking a ride o­n a meteor swinging Tarzan style.  Then there is a shot so lame made by Erika that it hits poor "Chicken" George dead in his rear-end, sending him completely blindsided off the pedestal and hitting hard against it with his back to the point where even Dr. Will has to comment, "Chicken" George almost broke his back.  All the Chicken man had to say was, "Man, this game is dangerous....This game sucks."  With many millions of viewers more open minded to him because they never saw his antics, he provides a breath of fresh-air throughout the episode.  Many will likely end up being charmed by his much needed refreshment.  The HOH ended rather anti-climatic with the winners being Jase Wirey, whom shown throughout the episode in an unexpectedly mature light, and Janelle Pierzina, guaranteeing a week of safety for America's beloved Season 6 picks.  Jase has thus far been into himself still and committed to no o­ne except to possibly Diane and Nakomis to whom he shows surprising loyalty, so these HOHs agreeing cause o­ne to anticipate some major revelations.  Upon first approach, both HOHs were so worried about giving up too much to the other that they would not speak of either who they did want or who they did not want out in the short HOH bedroom scene.  There were scenes of the new HOH bedroom will all the houseguests present.  Never a favorite use of camera time as it reveals anything of the more interesting psychology.  Nevertheless, these are show requirements, and at least the room is well done and the extras seem a bit worthwhile.  The possible mind-twist implications done by allowing two HOHs access foreshadowed in this scene, which Nakomis is the first to escape.
Started by Danielle, playing out through the rest of the episode is an "us against the Sovs" sort of theme.  Danielle, eager to get the game started, suggests to Alison and Chicken George for Jase to disagree just to stay nominated so the house can vote out Janelle while they have the numbers.  It is wise move in many aspects, although when directly asked by Alison whose side she was o­n, Danielle failed to commit and suggested that Janelle deserved warning.
Alison in her usual way stirs the pot by spreading the info to as many folks as she can but all the while clearly making certain everyone knows she just was informed of this from Danielle and Chicken George.  She is very honest with Jase, and Jase does promise her that he wants to go after the season 6ers and that she is safe.  From a strategic standpoint, it does serve as the move to make, but as Jase goes to get more out of Alison and Chicken George in the HOH, he busts Janie, Kaysar, and James in the HOH room.  The Sovs, already discussing the possibility of Janelle's eviction this way, allowed Jase to join in the conversation.  Jase makes an alliance, which he claims in the diary room to be a false o­ne, with the Sovs.  James states in the DR that he trusts Jase more than he trusts Janelle and Kaysar.  Jase does make it known that he has a "false" allegiance. (While this part actually takes a great deal of camera time, so few nuances are contained that no further discussion is required.)  Quite suddenly, we end with the nomination ceremony that was actually unexpected. 
As soon as they see the nomination box, the looks o­n houseguests' faces reveal they feel duped.  In a very interesting psychological move, Janelle and Jase subtlety called out every houseguest by giving someone his/her key, then having them call out the safety of an obvious enemy.  Same torturous key removal arranged for all, and in a very shocking move, Will's final key left Danielle and Alison in the nomination seats.  Janelle states that the women were nominated because they could turn people against them and were playing the game too hard. In response to being nominated, Danielle admits to having overplayed, while Alison makes diary room statements that "I'll set her fake hair o­n fire...She has no idea what she's gotten herself into!" promising an interesting after-stir from Alison.  From diary room airings, Dr. Will claims to be angry that he failed to be nominated, taking it offensively that he is not seen as a threat.  Whether this is real or not will certainly be followed in the theme.  Kaysar's safety means that he will likely be subjected to all the psychological torture Dr. Will and Boogie can rustle up, and they seem eager to deliver this, though Kaysar seems to be so over-involved in the challenge to the point he could easily be blindsided by other houseguest ill favor.  Will Alison and Jase be able to talk their way out of this?  Though it was reasonable and would have subjected him to being remembered as an all-time overly trusting nut job had Jase nominated and failed, will he be able to those he lied to while going about this in the wrong way to have not stirred early trust issues with the other players.  Will Janelle's seemingly completely brilliant move of getting the two large female threats up and possibly out implode during the power of veto competition?  o­ne thing is certain: Without veto, it is far more likely Alison will talk her way out of this o­ne than Danielle.  Here is where Marcellas has an opportunity to step-up and take a pivotal role.  Though perceived as the least powerful by many, if he has the game All-Stars requires, he should make good use of this time stirring people against Danielle and towards himself by making use of all the information both his friendships and job reporting o­n the houseguests in the weekly o­nline talk show House Calls has given him.  Janelle Pierzina has definitely won the largest amount of kudos for a practically flawless game thus far, and Chicken George, Nakomis, and Erika are seemingly flying under the radar.  Diane who came in claiming she was not going to play a love game again already falling for Dr. Will could prove interesting, but its unlikely Will actually plays back as the Kaysar versus Will theme will obvious strongly play by both regardless of whose side o­ne chooses. 
The next episode of Big Brother All-Stars, now without the advantage of internet viewers having additional insight through the feeds which can be purchased and began broadcasting last night following the show, will not air until Tuesday at 8pm, skipping the usual episode now slotted for Sunday nights due to preparation time needed.  Sunday morning, the Big Brother weekly opinion column, Big Brother: Busted will make its appearance at www.orwellproject.com, so please be sure to check back then for commentary which, be forewarned, will contain some feed spoilers.  With a cast like this sure to bring out fiery emotions and great incidents, Big Brother: Busted, whether it leaves o­ne happy or ready to fight, is certain to bring out the big flames which can be discussed in our forums in a forthright manner.  Can CBS deliver us a show as dynamic and delectably brilliant as the premiere Tuesday night?  Is this going to be worth the wait, and how will live feed revelations compare to the houseguests as portrayed by CBS?  Check back Tuesday to find out how the veto plays out, and who keeps their sanity a bit long as Big Brother All-Stars makes its next move towards making the show a larger contender than ever before in reality TV.
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