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The Biggest Big Brother Slip Ever? Feed Audio Reveals Houseguests

Posted on 07/06/2006 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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Lin Sbordone
For those Big Brother fans with early access to the feeds, yesterday could perhaps mark the worst slip up, or best marketing strategy, the show has ever seen.  Preceded by the major programming error which allowed those who highlighted the buttons to find out the 20 twenty canidates prior to the "casting" episode which aired June 21st and the houseguest wall that was slotted with fourteen spots during the episode as well as pre-released pictures showing 14 place settings at the dining table, feed viewers found out a huge amount of information regarding the likely content of tomorrow's long-awaited debut. Since the following information contains a huge amount of spoilers, please do not read past this point should you not want to know until Thursday at 8pm EST.

For over an hour yesterday the feeds, which until then had been filled with theme music and fireplace sounds, suddenly broadcasted full-blown audio of conversations throughout the house. The largest disclosure came in the form of revealing the houseguests that proved to number 14 rather than the 12 as previously reported by CBS. Though unable to discern how the other two houseguests gained entrance into the Big Brother house, the identities of the houseguests are certain and listed as followed by season: "Chicken" George Boswell, Dr. Will Kirby, Mike "Boogie" Malin, Marcellas Reynolds, Danielle Reyes, Erika Landen, Alison Irwin, Diane Henry, Jase Wirey, "Nakomis"/Jennifer Dedmon, Kaysar Ridha, Janelle Pierzina, Howie Gordon, and James Rhine. As promised, this certainly contains casting that complete Julie Chen's comment that those chosen would be a combination of, "The houseguests you love, and the houseguests you love to hate".

Along with the identities of the houseguests, the audio also revealed another first for the show; two HOHs rather than o�ne. The HOHs, Janelle Pierzina and Jase Wirey, must come to a decision o�n which two houseguests to nominate or find themselves in the nomination seats. While it is likely the two will come to a unified decision, Jase did speak of keeping him in the nomination seat in order to set-up another decoy nominee. The ultimate goal of this strategy, if executed, would be to "backdoor" Janelle, making her a sure thing as the first evictee. Apparently, her strategic game-playing last year has led many of the houseguests to see her as the biggest threat from the season 6. It is also likely that many of the female houseguests feel somewhat jealous and threatened by Janelle. While Jase approached fellow housemates with this idea and several concurred, the uncertainty lies in the numbers making what would be a great, albeit unpopular among viewers, strategic move. Most all houseguests can be heard incessantly discussing strategy. Kaysar Ridha is heard discussing past houseguest and candidate Ivette Corredero and other issues with Diane Henry. Jase and Howie seem to be bonding. Howie and Janelle's old "Oh Boy" lines from last season seem as if they will be a feature again. The audio also exposes the likelihood of a new Sovereign alliance. Those who refrained or were not overheard strategizing were to the surprise of most everyone Mike "Boogie" and Dr. Will. 71 minutes of audio is available through RapidShare at http://rapidshare.de/files/24966903/Snippet133.wma.html and also by courtesy of "Hypnotoad" posted at JokersUpdates.com and available for download at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K9DJBIAW in six 15 minute segments. Nominations are speculated to occur today for pre-recording and editing purposes for tomorrow night's premiere.

Whether the audio access was accidental or not remains debated largely throughout all major internet posting sites. Considering the length of time of the audio's availability and the previous "slips" by CBS, the likelihood of this occurring completely unintentionally seems slim. Far more likely seems to be that upon hearing word of this, early feed purchases will rise and viewers who previously have not purchased the 24/7 feeds will realize the immense foreknowledge gained by having such access. Even if not intentional, early feed purchases will almost certainly rise, benefiting CBS for its "mistake".

One certainty does now exist: Dramatic changes in format and style can be expected this summer. With many unknowns and more questions than answers in the audio, the premiere episode has definitely become a must see event.


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