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Are you ready to rock?  Rockstar Supernova Episode 1 Recap

Posted on 07/05/2006 by RealityWanted in Rockstar Supernova

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By: Terri Giosia

My name is Terri and I'll be covering Supernova, Rock Star...no holds barred...I'll just say it as it is......covering it minute by minute so if you missed it, "shame o­n you!" you'll get the feel as if you were sitting right there in front of your tube.

This type of reality television is so exciting; to be able to be a part of covering such an event...one of those singers will be the lead of a great band!  Exciting, riveting and I look forward to a great summer of "supernova" Tuesday and Wednesday nights filled with great talent ( I hope) and of course Dave Navarro!
First and foremost the band is extraordinary!!!  They Rock!
Brooke looks even more stunning than last year and of course Dave sexier than ever!
So, I'm watching and listening to this with o­ne thing in mind:  Who will be the best for Supernova?   I must say, Tommy Lee kills me!  He looks amazing....the band is dirty/rock n roll...and the other guys are all that and more!

Here are the singers that sang tonight:

Storm:  sexy, a future rock star!  She captivated the audience, got them involved and she moved around that stage as if she owned it! 

Ryan:  last name's "Star" yet there's something lacking ....He's really good looking and yet lacks charisma and personality....looks really o­nly take you so far....charisma and attitude outshines looks!

Toby the Aussie:  "Knockin' o­n heaven's door" shouldn't be done sitting down!  He got up half way...and connected more with the audience.....he does have o­ne hell of a voice!  Has charm, did a nice little comeback with Tommy Lee....and Tommy loved it!

Patrice:  FABULOUS!!  Passionate, great tone....she sang "Don't you want somebody to love" and we love her!  She interacted with the band, the audience and showed true "rock star" quality.

Magni:  his band may be 1st in Iceland, but he "iced" me over.....no chemistry what so ever....he's gotta go!

Zayra:  She does not belong with Supernova...she's more of a singer o­ne goes to see in a local bar....  The guys seemed to like her...she's got sex appeal, but that isn't enough to be a ROCK STAR!
Ok, enough already....out of 6 I really like 2...it's very different from last years INXS Rock Star...where every singer was better than the other....
Jenny:  she's Canadian....and yes, I'm Canadian.  She's got a lot of potential and there is that "star" quality about her....great look, great voice!
Josh:  didn't do it for me!  He's young, cute, but that isn't enough!  Where's the talent?????
Matt:  the baby doll faced singer....he's gotta go! 
Just before the next singer came o­n, I was thinking how disappointed I was.  Compared to last year's show....the audience was more involved, the guys were more involved...and the o­nly way for that to happen is to have a someone come o­n and get them involved....
....and then Dilana came o­n!!!
Dilana:  dirty, dark with that raspy voice that I love!  You can't help but watch her, she had me captivated!   She moves like a rock star, sings like a rock star....is she the next rock star?  I'd love to see Supernova with a woman leading the band!!! 
Dana:  she sang a song from "Melissa Ethridge" o­ne of my favorite female singers...and she will probably sing it well in about 5 years....She's young, a "virgin" to the rock scene, she's a novice...and we are not looking for novice virgins for Supernova! 
Phil:  he had no presence at all!  He was all over the place and several times I thought he'd fall off the stage!  He's gotta go!
Jill:  who ever says size matters did not see this stick of dynamite sing!  She's all of 4'11", did a Joplin tune....and she rocked!  Tommy Lee was undressing her with his eyes....did he see a mini version of Pam?  I hope not....she deserves to go to the next round; I want to see her do her thing with other songs.
Chris:  He's gotta go!  He ruined "Roxanne" from the Police....it was torture to listen to a classic song being butchered! 
Lucas:  he's got the attitude....moved like hell.....and he's got the "quality" to be a "rock star"
Well, that's it folks....Rock Star's first night of talent.  It lacked last year's excitement and exceptional talent...but hey, it's the first night, right?
My faves for the night:  Jill, Lucas, Dilana, Jenny, Storm and Patrice......

Remember, "Sing like nobody's listening" because there's a little rock star dying to come out!
Keep it real!

Terri Giosia
Writer/Motivational Speaker/Lifestyles Coach-MC
Teraluna Enterprises
Anything is Possible to an Open Mind...



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