Members FAQ

Is there a FEE to use the site? Do I need to supply payment information?

No, The site is FREE but we do offer upgradeable membership packages. You can use the site free with a few limitations. You only need to supply payment information if you upgrade your account.

Who can view my personal contact information such as my address, last name, phone, email, and so on?

Your contact information can only be viewed by registered and approved Casting Professionals and RealityWanted staff. Other members cannot view your contact information.

Your last name is also hidden from public view and only viewable by us, casting, and you..the general public cannot see it. We will soon offer accounts that allow you to display your full name so agents and casting directors outside RealityWanted can find you.


What are your site policies and privacy policy?

Please read the site and privacy policies here


How do I embed a YOUTUBE video into the MY VIDEOS section of my profile?

Step 1. Location yout video on youtube.

Step 2. click SHARE.

Step 3. Click Emebed

Step 4. Copy the full url shown that looks like "<iframe width=..."

Step 5. Login to realitywanted, goto MY VIDEOS and paste the "<iframe width=..." code into your "video embed" code section.  Be sure to add a title and then click Embed Video to save it.   We are releasing a new version of realitywanted in late 2015 that will streamline this process.

I chose to hide my age under PRIVACY SETTINGS why do I still see it?

As the account holder you will always see your profile information so you can review it for accuracy.  If you chose to hide certain items under PRIVACY SETTINGS simply log-out and then view your profile to see what information is actually displayed to other members.

If I join this site will I get cast on a show?
We hope so, but there isn't a site online that will guarantee you a callback, interview, or spot on TV.  The best part about Reality TV is your either a fit or not.  We provide you with the ability to apply directly to the casting directors, read interviews tips, meet other with link minded interests, and receive email casting alerts...and you can have a blast doing it. Read the Casting Tips , Member Interviews and MOST WANTED section from tips and info. If your looking to be a STAR by pushing a few buttons there are plenty of other places online that "claim" to wave a magic wand and put you on screen.  We will give you the tools and the direct connect to casting & Production, the rest is up to you, timing, and casting.

Where Do The Casting Calls Come From?
Unlike other casting sites and publications we do not allow just anyone to post a casting call.  Casting professionals must register for an account and allow us to do some background work (online and at times place calls) before they are allowed to post notices.  At times we are asked to post notices for casting/production and/or post listings we find useful. You should still use your own judgement whenever applying to a posting and sharing personal information.  DON'T send or receive payments of anytype for a casting call.  Report listings that ask for payment.

Can you tell me when _____ is casting?

A. We find out when a certain show is casting the same time you do.  In most cases we find out as soon as it is posted on

Are you guys a casting agency?

No, RealityWanted is just like a classified job section or a  Casting and production professionals post notices and search for contests via RealityWanted.  We are an amazing resource not an agency.  BTW 99% of reality gigs don't use AGENTS so if an "agent" asks you to pay in advance to help you land on reality TV you might want to tell them to take a hike.

I just signed up and created my profile why isn't all of my information listed online? Where are my pictures that I uploaded?

For quality assurance a RealityWanted staff member reviews each profile that is submitted and sometimes this process can take some time, generally we will have your profile reviewed in less than 24 hours but it can take up to 72 hours.


My Photo won't upload its too big, what do I do?
Try resizing the photo with any photo editing program or look online for free resources such as


Whats This Voting All About? Voting gets your more face time but doesn't = a spot on show. Voting is a fun tool that allows friends and family to tell casting directors they want to see you on TV.  Members who rank in the top spot for a particular casting call will have their profile link attached to all new applicants who submit their profile for the same casting call.  Additionally, those who rank in the top will have more "face time" and overall exposure on the site which may lead to new projects.  However, the voting system does not guarantee a callback or a spot on a show.  In a nut shell, think about search engines like Google.  When you conduct a google search for a topic your more likely to click on the top 5 results vs digging through all search results. If your in the top 10 for a certain show casting may be more likely to contact you first.  Be sure to have fun with voting but remember your photo, profile info, and qualifications are much more important than voting.

I just applied to a casting call but I can't vote for myself and don't see an option to vote for myself.

Once you apply to a casting call (those that allow voting) you must logout before YOU will see the voting option.

Help my votes numbers went down what's going on, did someone change them?

Relax, there isn't a voting conspiracy at play.  When our system finds accounts created to simply cast votes the account is automatically removed and all votes cast from that account are also removed. This also happens when a realitywanted member deletes his/her account.  Once again, have fun and focus more on your photo, application, and video before you spend all day worring about the vote tally. Have fun!

How do I update my contact information in my profile?

Log into and go to the left column under member controls and click on the tab “Contact Information”.

How can I appear or not appear from other members?

If you would like to keep your profile private please click on "Privacy Settings" in your control panel to adjust your settings. Also Casting Professionals will still have the ability to search your profile, view your profile, and contact you.

How do I opt-out of the casting call email alerts?

Simply login to your account, under the "Privacy Settings" tab select "EMAIL SETTINGS". You can change this at anytime.

I have forgotten my Password. How can I retrieve this information

Go the main page and in the upper right hand corner there is a tab for “Lost your password” otherwise go to the following link

How do I change my password on my account?

Log in using your regular password and under your member control panel click on the tab located on the left side that says “Change Password”.

As a member can I search other members profiles within the site?

Yes! You now have the ability to search members, add friends, vote for other members and post comments.

Does RealityWanted sell its members' email addresses? Do I have to worry about spam?

No. We value everyone's privacy and would not jeopardize the trust between our members.

Why am I not receiving updated casting calls to my email address?

1. First check to make sure you have input your correct email address.

2. Then make sure the box under Notifications is checked yes.

3.  Check your email providers spam filters rules.  You may simply need to addour email address to your address book to receive emails. Go into your address book and add:  [email protected].

Please check with your email provider on how to "whitelist" our email address, since each provider sets their own set of spam rules we cannot guarantee delivery to your inbox.  In many cases you may simply need to look inside your spam folder, locate or search for an email from [email protected] and click "not spam".

Can I email photos to RealityWanted to upload for me?

Not at this time, the feature might be available at a later date. If you are having a problem uploading a photo let us know and we will help you with the process.

What format do the photos have to be in? Are there limits to size?

Make sure the pictures are in JPEG format, 600K or under, and try not to exceed 600x600 pixels.

How many photos can I upload on my profile?

Most applicants are uploading around 5 photos.

How do I report a problem on the site?

Start with our FAQ section and if you do not find the answers you are looking for or you still have problems feel free to email us at [email protected]

How can I submit a question or contact the staff at RealityWanted?

Once again start with our FAQ section and if you do not find the answers you are looking for or you still have a question or suggestion feel free to email us at [email protected]

Does RealityWanted have casting tips?

Yes, read the INTERVIEWS section, we interview casting directors for inside tips every month.

How can I get technical support?

First check in the FAQ section to make sure your question is not listed here. If you still are unable to find the answer to your question please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

How do I get more Casting Professionals to view my profile?

Casting Professionals have recommended to us to encourage our members to completely fill out their profile. By completing your profile and uploading pictures casting professionals will be able to better cast you for appropriate shows. Also make sure your email address is correct and current.

I am an upgraded member how do I downgrade or cancel?
  Log into your account, then click MY SUBSCRIPTION, then select DOWNGRADE and finally check the FREE option (be sure to refresh your screen afterwards to see the downgrade message).  Make sure you see a notice stating you will no longer be charged.  Free or upgraded members can also delete all of their information be logging on and clicking the delete option on the left hand side.  If you still need help click contact us and give us a call.

How do I delete my account?

Simply login, navigate to your control panel and click the lower left link called DELETE MY ACCOUNT.  If you are already logged in you can simply click this link