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Interview with Casting Director Shannon McIntosh - Reality TV Casting Tips

Posted 08/23/2007

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Several members have emailed us asking for tips on how to properly apply to a reality show. This week I sat down with Shannon McIntosh to gain insight into the reality TV casting do's and don'ts.

Shannon's background: Shannon started casting commercials and features in Atlanta 9 years ago, she then began working as a regional casting director in the south for several different shows like, "Joe Millionaire", and "For Love or Money". After moving to LA four years ago, Shannon worked on almost twenty different reality and game shows, including "The Bachelor", "Survivor", "Average Joe" and "Who Wants to be a Superhero". She also recruits regularly for several new and existing MTV shows. Anyone on Myspace that would like to check out Shannon's profile and occasional casting bulletins, can find her at: Shannon primarily uses to spread the word about new projects that she is casting!

Interview with Dustin from Big Brother 8

Posted 08/17/2007

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Today I had the opportunity to talk with Dustin, the 22 year old shoe salesman and former boyfriend of fellow houseguests Joe from Chicago IL. It looks like another pawn ended up being sent packing. Dustin will be the first member of the Big Brother 8 jury and now being sequestered until the end of the show.

Q. Mark ( What did it feel like once you knew you were going to be part of the cast?
A. Dustin: I had mixed feelings once I was kidnapped for the show, but excitement; absolutely.

Interview with Kail Harbick from Big Brother 8

Posted 08/10/2007

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Today I spoke with Kail Harbick the 5th Houseguest eliminated from the Big Brother 8 house. Kail Harbick is a 37 year old Business Owner from McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. We had a great chat, I learned Amber has much more control over the house than I once thought. She explained from her insight why watching all prior season of big Brother may have hurt her in the game.

Q. Mark ( Big Brother is one of the most popular reality shows aired in several countries around the world. Was this the first time that you applied had for the show.

A. Kail Harbick , Big Brother 8: I have wanted to be on the show for several seasons, I applied to season 5, 6, skipped 7 since it was the All Stars Episode and made it on Big Brother season 8.

Interview with Nick Starcevic from CBS's Big Brother 8

Posted 08/06/2007

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This morning I had the opportunity to talk with Nick Starcevic, the fourth Big Brother 8 eliminee. Nick is a 25 year old former football player from Kimball, MN. Prior to entering the Big Brother 8 house, Nick was teaching physical education in Australia.

Q. Mark ( I have been starting out by asking everyone how they found out about the casting call for BB8. How did you find out about the casting call, web, a friend, online?

A. Nick Starcevic � I basically just went to the CBS website, it was a spur of the moment deal.

Interview With Mike Dutz, The Third Eliminated Houseguest from Big Brother 8

Posted 07/27/2007

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Q. Mark: Big Brother has to be one of the most popular reality shows on air and online, how did you find out about the casting call, web, a friend, online?
A. Mike Dutz, Big Brother 8: I saw on ad out for it an applied to the show, I was one of the lucky ones and ended up landing a spot in Big Brother 8.

Q. Mark ( Big Brother is in its eighth season. Have you watched previous seasons, if so, what was your favorite?
A. Mike Dutz, Big Brother 8: My first connection…

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