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Dan Gheesling's How To Get On Reality TV Episode 46 Video : How Can I Make My Elevator Pitch Better?

Posted 08/31/2015

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In this episode we hear from listener Matt, who takes a creative approach at getting help with his elevator pitch.  Read the full story here:



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About The Show : Dan Gheesling was the winner of the CBS Reality TV show Big Brother. Using the knowledge he gained in the 4…

How To Get On Reality TV - Jordan Parhar - From Zero to Reality TV Success- Part 2!

Posted 08/17/2015

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Listen to the conclusion of this special interview with Big Brother Canada contestant Jordan Parhar! This interview goes in depth with Jordan's long reality tv casting story. He talks about all of his auditions, interviews, and audition videos in this two part special interview.
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Exclusive Interview With The 'WHO KNOWS WHO' Casting Team

Posted 04/13/2015

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Heather Cruise sat down with the casting team for the new Prime Time Game Show, "Who Knows Who."  ‘Who Knows Who’ is “rooted in an old ‘Friends’ episode,” Zack says. He’s talking about the apartment episode, “the guys and girls play each other to see who wins the apartment. So who knows who better?”Jonathan adds. 


The casting producers are looking for teams of "friends, family members, co-workers, you name it…and it’s ‘Who Knows Who’ better to win the cash prizes. And “the cash and prizes are substantial,” Zack adds. 

MasterChef Season 5 Casting Director Interview

Posted 09/12/2013

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MasterChef Season 5 Casting Team


Recently we had the opportunity to meet with the casting team from Fox's MasterChef Season 5. The casting team talks about the cities they will be visiting for their open casting calls and some casting do's and don'ts. 


Gordon Ramsay is looking for the next culinary master, so hurry and apply to this season of MasterChef. 


For more information on the show or to apply visit


Also, check out the video of the casting…

Million Second Quiz Casting Director Interview

Posted 08/08/2013

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Million Second Quiz Casting Directors


Recently had the opportunity to meet with the casting team (Zach Johnson, Matthew Stravitz, Alexis Jones and Little Chad Moore) from NBC's Million Second Quiz. The "Million Second Quiz" is a state-of-the-art, electrifying new live competition where contestants test the limits of their knowledge, endurance and will to win, as they battle each other in intense bouts of trivia for 12 consecutive days and nights.

"The competition, where time equals money, will air in primetime, LIVE from a gigantic hourglass-shaped structure in the heart of Manhattan.…

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