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A Reality Check With Joanna Dunn FOX's Hell's Kitchen

Posted 06/20/2007

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Joanna Dunn, 22, is a chef's assitant from Detroit. She was sent home last night for attempting to serve rancid crab (unbeknownst to her). She takes some time to tell the readers of RealityCheckByGina why she shouldn't have been the one to go & why the customers of Hell's Kitchen can't get a meal to save their life. RC: What is your background in cooking? Joanna: When I was in high school, I graudated a year early. There was an odd year before college so I took ProStart which is a culinary program offered in high schools.…

A Reality Check With So You Think You Dance stars Ashlee Langas & Ricky Palomino

Posted 06/15/2007

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Last night's first live elimination of season 3's "So You Think You Can Dance" ended the journey for contemporary dancers Ashlee Langas & Ricky Palomino. Named two of Mia Michael's favorite dancers, their time on the show was cut short after their performance of the Argentine Tango. The dancers sit down with RealityWanted RealityCheckByGina to talk about their time on the show & what the future holds for them. RC: Can you each tell me a little bit about your dance background? Ashlee: I started dancing the typical situation � when I was 2, my mom…

A Reality Check With Christian Okoye Of CBS's Pirate MasterӔ

Posted 06/11/2007

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Christian Okoye, a native in Nigeria, is a former NFL running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Nicknamed "The Nigerian Nightmare", Okoye holds a place in their hall of fame. He has stayed active in his home state of California and put it on hold to join the crew of Pirate Master. His voyage was cut short as he was the 2nd to be cut adrift on this past week's episode. Christian sits down with us to talk about his time aboard the Picton Castle. RC: Why does an ex-NFL player want to be on "Pirate Master"? What…

A Reality Check With Tiffany Nagel Of FOX's Hell's KitchenӔ

Posted 06/06/2007

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What looked like a strong start to Tiffany's time at Hell's Kitchen ended with her being sent home first. Though she plotted to get rid of Julia (a short order cook), it was in fact Julia who outshined Tiffany in Hell's Kitchen. Her plan backfired and her inability to cook quail eggs & get dishes out to customers ended up being her demise. She takes time to talk to RealityWanted & RealityCheckByGina about her time spent in Hell's Kitchen. RC: Tell us a little bit about your cooking background. Tiffany: I studied in Paris, went to university there…

A Reality Check With John Lakness of CBS's œPirate Master"

Posted 06/04/2007

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John Lakness is a self-described "unapologetic nerd" who taught himself to program computers while in grade school, which got him into plenty of trouble with "hacking, cracking and anarchy." Lakness describes himself as Tarzan dressed in a tuxedo to entertain at a dinner party. A consummate athlete, John takes any physical challenge he can find as a way to stay fit: wrestling, running, swimming and a refusal to drive when cycling is at all possible. He sits down with us to talk about being the first one to leave the game & what he might have done differently.…

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