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Ayla Webb - Millionaire Matchmaker



In early 2011, Ayla Webb signed up for a RealityWanted account in the hopes of making it onto a television show. RealityWanted changed her life in…

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Courtney McElwee - Vh1 Tough Love



I was a member of RealityWanted & would check the site daily....

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Whitney Collings - Bad Girls Club

Oxygen Network

Oxygen Network

I saw a link online and I decided to sign up...

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Sandhurst Miggins - Make Me A SuperModel 2



I started reading the interviews you did with the cast of season one and read about their experience and tips

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Joslyn Pennywell Next Top Model

The CW

The CW

When season 11 was casting, I signed up at and applied through the site. I received a call from the casting director working...


Here are some success stories from RealityWanted members


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Tasha said:

Hey guys, I sent you a message a few days ago stating I was on my way to do a taping on the new show "Judge Penny". I can actually say it was a really cool experience. My husband and I were  flown to LA and put in a nice hotel. The next day we were picked up and taken to the studio in "Hollywood". We were put in separate dressing rooms and were greeted by multiple people who stage the show. It was a great experience. I could definitely get used to this....Tasha


C.J. said:

Just got the call...

Hey guys, I just go the call, i'm on the show. TTYL. C.J. MIller


Tammy said:

I just want to say I am a New member and its was a small investment of 80 something dollars for a lot of reponse.  The Tyra show has called me 3 times to be on I have not been able to go on. I just got a call from a new Judge show they want to fly my daughter and I out to California. The results on this site are amazing. As long as you can tell your story casting people are listening. REALITY KEEP ROCKING your doing a great job of getting the information to your subscribers.


Summer said:

Reality wanted is Awesome! What a great way to kick start your career in reality t.v.! I applied yesterday and have already received two phone calls for two different shows! Thanks so much!! xoxo


Unknown Member said:

Dear Reality Wanted. Just wanted to thank you so much for having this site I have been on your site for only a few months and have had over 8 callbacks and also got a spot on WIPEOUT! I also just did the JUDGE PENNY COURT SHOW with my daughter is was so fun , and they were so nice to us and the MONEY was good as well!

Lisa said:

After only being a member on Reality wanted for about a week my family and I are going to Hollywood! We were cast on Judge Penny! Keep answering casting calls! You never know when you will be picked! Lisa


Dolores said:

I have received three offers this week from this site. Arranged marriages from Lifetime TV, Judge Penny two different show offers. This week has been amazing, and all I did was use this site.


Nic said:

Hi my name is Nick and I used your site to get on the show Wipeout! I was on the season premiere, and known as the rookie cop in the whole yellow get up!


teresa said:

I followed Shannon McIntosh's advice on REALITYWANTED when completing an application for HGTV's upcoming "DEAR GENEVIEVE" show, with Genevieve Gorder. Utilizing examples and anecdotes, I offered a concise but clear illustration of our family. Guess what? We got it! Shooting begins in September '08 and the show will air in 2009===and I'M walking away with an AMAZING, brand new, designer kitchen! Thank you,!


Kimberly said:

Just wanted to let you know I was cast on ABC's first episode of Wipeout. It will air on June 24 on ABC.
It was blast to work with the people on the show. Everyone was so great! Thanks for putting the site together. What a great lifetime experience.


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