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Interview With RealityWanted Member Whitney Collings Of The Bad Girls Club

Posted on 06/12/2009 by RealityWanted in Members On TV and Cast Interviews

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Hey gang we grabbed another interview with a RealityWanted member who ended up landing a gig on the small screen.  Whitney Collins randomly dropped on the site one night, filled out a profile, and ended up on the tube. Read the chat below for more info.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: How did you find our crazy little website?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3:
I saw a RealityWanted.com link online and I decided to sign up.  I actually forgot I joined but started to get all of these emails about different casting opportunities.  I noticed one for The Bad Girls and I thought, “This totally looks like a show for me.”  

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Nice, what happened then?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: I shot in my application.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Did you get a call right away or did they email you?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: The casting director Zach sent me an email because he liked my profile, and asked me to come to the audition. I ended up going and then got called to go to the finals in L.A.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: How did you find out you made the show?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: I was hanging out with a friend when I got the call. They said I made it, but told me I couldn’t tell anyone. They said they wanted to fly me out to L.A. to start filming in two weeks.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: So, I heard that you got kicked off the show. What happened?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: Well we were all in Cancun, Mexico at a club and Leah got into an altercation with Amber. I tried to calm everyone down as we were leaving, when Amber came after me with a shoe. I got into it with her, but then stepped back and realized it wasn’t worth it. I tried to walk away when Amber started swinging at me. I ended up kicking her in the face and got kicked off.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: What did you think when that happened?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: I was mad and upset. I was just trying to stand up for Leah. It wasn’t fair, but at the same time it is in the contract that if you hit someone you will get kicked off.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Are you glad you were a part of the show?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: I’m really glad. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Good or bad, you just have to go with it. I would definitely do it again. I don’t have any regrets.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Do you still keep in touch with the girls?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3: I don’t talk to Amber, but I talk to everyone else.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Would you do another show?

Whitney Collings, Bad Girls Club 3:
Yeah, I would do another reality show. I’m working on a movie right now, it is called “Summer of the Saint” and my character’s name is Maria. It is based on the Italian mafia.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Do you have any audition advice for our readers?

Whitney Collins, Bad Girls Club 3: Just be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else, or someone you are not. Casting directors know if you are acting. There is no secret to reality TV casting. Every show looks for something different. It’s luck of the draw.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Alright, well thank you for taking the time to talk to me today and keep us posted on your next big gig.


(Photo courtesy of Oxygen)


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