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Interview with Moya and Jenileigh from CW's Crowned

Posted on 02/05/2008 by RealityWanted in Crowned and Cast Interviews

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Today we had the opportunity to speak with the Winners of CW's Crowned  The Mother of All Pageants, Moya and Jenileigh. This duo has not been without hardships over the past several years though they triumphed during the competition and ended up winning the crown.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So how did you end up on the show?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): I received an email from a casting director that told me about the show so I thought it would be fun and decided to send my info in. I later told my mom about the show and she was excited to go too.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): Did you enjoy living with the other girls?

Moya, (Crowned): There were 11 teams, so about 22 different personalities. I was looking forward to it though, the gorgeous house, events and the fabulous opportunity.

Jenileigh, (Crowned): There were 8 of us sharing a bathroom so it was trying at times but we all got along and figured out a good schedule for everyone.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): Who did you like or dislike in the house?

Jenileigh, Moya, (Crowned): We met a lot of great people while we were in the house. It was extreme circumstances so you can't always judge people for things they do. We got along with Gina and Hollis, Rachelle, Nicole to name a few. You have the people you get along with and the ones you don't but we did our best to enjoy the experience and not wrap ourselves up in the drama.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So if you had an opportunity to repeat the show would you do anything different?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): I don't think I would want to change anything. To be able to work with my mom in this pageant was such a great experience.

Moya, (Crowned): Probably not, but wish the people in the house would have been more one with eachother.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So tell me a little bit about your favorite experience on the show?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): Besides winning just being able to do my talent with my mom. She now has a newfound respect for what I do.

Moya, (Crowned): Just being able to do the talent with my daughter was very eye opening. Pulling myself up on the silk was tough so I know what she goes through. Also the Habitat for Humanity house went through such an amazing transformation.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So tell me a little bit about your worst experience on the show?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): I think the separation between the girls was tough.

Moya, (Crowned): The diversity was tough to deal with, we just wanted to work on our challenges and not deal with the drama.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So by being on the show did your bond between the two of you increase?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): We had a strong bond to begin with so I never thought it would get any better but it did. I am a better listener now and better with teamwork.

Moya, (Crowned): I agree. We developed such teamwork through the challenges. We ended up being less of individuals and more of a team. We are very blessed for the opportunity and thank everyone for the opportunity.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So tell me how you felt when you won the crown?

Moya, (Crowned): We were in total shock! It was totally unexpected and exhilarating.

Jenileigh, (Crowned): It was a surreal experience. We never though we were going to win but having the opportunity to compete with my mom and win was fantastic.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So what's next for the both of you?

Jenileigh, (Crowned): We hope we can be advocates for your women. I am currently living in Las Vegas and working on my talent.

Moya, (Crowned): I would like to help other women and be a supportive team for other mother daughters. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So what are your plans with the money?

Jenileigh, Moya (Crowned): I hope the money will get us out of debt and if there is some left over I hope to buy a car that works. Also we will be working with charities to help other people.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): Is there a good way for our fans to contact you?

Jenileigh, Moya, (Crowned): Yes, we have a Myspace account, www.Myspace.com/jenandmoya


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