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CBS Big Brother locks 8 reporters and television personalities inside the Big Brother 9 house.

Posted on 02/04/2008 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By Taylor Gray

Last month, a selected group of reporters got the reality television opportunity of a lifetime when CBS invited them to spend a day in the life of a Big Brother contestant. CBS Mobile’s Amber Valdez, TV Guide’s Kimberly Caldwell, Fox Reality’s Mark Long, and our very own Mark Yawitz of RealityWanted.com were some of the lucky people invited to participate. The group spent one day in the shoes of a Big Brother contestant and got a first look at the season 9 house. Some areas of the house were off limits, so that it could remain a surprise when the new season premieres on February 12th.

Mark, Amber, Kimberly, Mark, and others arrived early in the morning where they were greeted by CBS and Big Brother execs. They then had to turn over all of their personal effects from wallets to keys to cell phones. Microphones were handed out and the group was sent into the house to play Big Brother in fast forward. Immediately, alliances were formed as nobody wanted to be the first and only member of Big Brother 8.5 to be voted out. The houseguests competed in a Head of Household competition, nominations, a Power of Veto competition, and an eviction ceremony.

This week, RealityWanted will spill all the details of what went on in the Big Brother house. Learn more about the Big Brother 8.5 houseguests which included Cheryl Woodcock from The Insider, a comedy writer from The Craig Ferguson show, and local news personalities. Find out which houseguest got in trouble for climbing the walls of the Big Brother house - literally. Who was rumored to have a showmance? What emergency caused a small panic amongst the house guests? Who were the members of the “peanut

butter alliance” and were they able to stick together and not get voted out? All these answers and more are coming up on Reality Wanted this week. Don’t miss it!

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