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​CBS's 'The Amazing Race' Premieres 30th Season January 3rd

Posted on 12/28/2017 by RealityWanted in The Amazing Race and General News

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by Ashley Thompson

The Amazing Race kicks off this January for its 30th season! Starting from Washington Square Park in NYC, the racers first travel to Iceland where they climb a canyon scary high above the Geitargliufur River. And that's just the beginnings.


Each team will have 2 members traveling around the world. Once their mental and/or physical challenge is competed, they can move on to the next destination. The teams lagging behind will gradually be eliminated from the race. The first team that makes it to the end will win $1,000,000.


Here's a bit about each team competing in "The Amazing Race" Season 30:


#TeamSlamDunk: Cedric Ceballos, 48, is a retired NBA player from Chicago. His teammate, Shawn Marion, 39, is also a former NBA player.


#TeamGoatYoga: April Gould and teammate Sarah Williams are both 39 and from Arizona. Oh, and they're yoga instructors if you couldn't figure that out from their #.


#TeamBigBrother: Cody Nickson, 32, from Plano, TX and Jessica Graf, 26, from LA are a "Big Brother 19" Power Couple. Sooooo... they're dating.


#TeamYale: Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak are both 22 and dating. They met at Yale and are on the debate team. That should make things interesting.


#TeamWellStrung: Trevor Wadleigh, 30, and Chris Marchant, 33, are dating. The pair are from NYC and are Billboard Chart-Toppers in the String Quartet "Well Strung".


#TeamIndyCar: Fellow indy car drivers Alexander Rossi, 26, and Connor Daly, 25, are both from Indianapolis.


#TheRingGirls: Dessie Mitcheson, 27, from PA, and bestie Kayla Fitzgerald, 26, from FL are both ring girls and instagram models.



#TeamChomp: Joey Chestnut, world champ competitive eater, 33 from San Jose, CA joins another former competitive eater, Tim Janus, 41, from NYC.


#TeamExtreme: Kristi Leskinen is 36, from PA and AZ and is joining fellow professional skier Jen Hudak, 30, from Utah.


#TeamOceanRescue: The name kind of says it all... Lucas Bocanegra, 35, from Miami Springs, FL is dating fellow rescuer, Brittany Austin, 31.


#TheFirefighters: Twin brothers Eric and Daniel Guiffreda, both 33, from Louisiana are ready to put out any fires along the way to the final destination.


The 30th season premiers January 3rd 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS.


Photo by: Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS​



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