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​'WAGS Atlanta' Series Premiere January 2 on E!

Posted on 12/26/2017 by RealityWanted and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


You've heard the term before, but what exactly is a WAG? WAG stand for Wives And Girlfriends (of sports stars). E! is bringing us a look at Atlanta's top WAGS for an eight episode season starting in January. The network promises to show us a group of close women who are ready to help each other navigate the life associated with professional athletes, and their own personal branding. But is it an E! show without a little drama?


The nine women will most certainly show us all the glamour that comes with WAG life, but the drama may come from their marriages rather than with the other women. Situations like infidelity, suspensions, and ultimatums will plague them throughout the season. Let's meat the nine women who will give us our guilty pleasure:


Ariel Anderson claims to be single, but has been linked to several football players. She previously danced for a professional team so meeting a pro wouldn't have been hard. She is following in the footsteps of her sister, Kierra Douglas who is married to Wide Receiver, Harry Douglas. They both dance at the Kierra's dance studio in Atlanta.


Niche Caldwell is married to wide receiver Andre Caldwell, and they have two children together. Niche likes to call herself honest, maybe we'll call it crass, about your home decor... but she thinks it's okay because she's an interior designer.


Kaylin Jurrjens is married to pitcher JJ Jurrjens. She's a former cheerleader, former Miss Georgia and current model.


Kesha Norman has been with C. J. Mosley for 4 years. She considers herself a stay-at-home mom but the truth of the matter is that she manages their 12 rental properties and a trucking company they own. So, more like a work-from-home mom.


Brandi Rhodes is married to current wrestling star/actor Cody Rhodes, and is the daughter-in-law of the late wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes... but she's also a pro wrestler herself. Basically that means she suffers from FOMO for her husbands career most of the time. What a struggle.


Shuntel 'Telli' Swift is the girlfriend of Heavyweight Champion boxer Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder. She suffers with is obsession with his title belt, but he makes it up by spending tons of money on her. We'll call it even.


Sincerely Ward is the cousin of retired football player Derrick Ward. She says she's single, but has been linked to several athletes from a few different sports. Don't get her confused for a cleat chaser, she also dates other types of wealthy men.


Hope Wiseman is single and Ariel's best friend. She also owns a marijuana dispensary with her mother. We don't know why she's on WAGS... yet.


Don't miss the all new series "WAGS Atlanta" premiering Wednesday, January 3rd at 10p ET/PT on E!


Photo by: Tony Kelly/ E! Entertainment​


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