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Teen Mom 2 - Bad to Worse

Posted on 09/11/2015 by Jessica in Teen Mom 2

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By Jessica Blackwell


Things went from bad to worse on last night episode of Teen Mom 2. For once, the only one who didn't have a serious issue was Chelsea. Her only struggle was whether or not to let Aubrey call Cole Daddy. 


Jenelle and Barbara went to mediation to try and work things out as a last ditch effort and of course it went poorly. They couldn't agree on anything, and it ended up in another round of "I should have him, he's my son" (never mind that she's unfit) and "we can't rip him from the only life he's ever known (it should probably happen at some point). The next step is court, and Jenelle should probably be worried. Given her history with brief stints of stability followed by an embarrassing (and public) cash and burn, I highly doubt any judge would grant her custody at this time. Just because she managed to produce another child with yet another a**hole doesn't mean she's fit. Barbara also pointed out that is Nathan comes back, it will be even harder for her to get Jace. Considering that Jenelle is still pining away for him even though he is in another relationship, I would say that a reconciliation isn't too far off. 


Kail is still trying to get more child support out of Joe, but he doesn't want her to go through the court system because they will put him through the ringer. That's understandable, but what is not is the fact that Javi doesn't want Joe at the house unless he's there. He was upset that Joe was on the porch with Kail and they didn't even go in the house! I get it, obviously they used to love each other but at some point he is going to have to trust his wife! I'm not sure if these three will be able to work out the money issue or not, but Joe certainly got emotional while talking to them The next step is to sit down and see how much more money Kail needs from him. 


After leaving rehab, Leah is still rolling around in her hot mess. As Corey so eloquently put it, she was willing to get help, but then left rehab, and came home with the same problem, whatever it is. We all know it's the pills, but he's treading lightly. Her coming home was the last straw for him and he went to consult an attorney. While she was home, she had to deal with her divorce proceedings from Jeremy. He was ordered to pay her $1,700 in child support for Addie. Needless to say, he wasn't happy. Leah came to her senses and decided to leave again and hopefully she stays this time. I don't think Corey is going to be is patient or forgiving this time...


Stay tuned to see what happens next with our lovely ladies. 


Teen Mom 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c


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