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Who Won on So You Think You Can Dance Finale? Find out!

Posted on 09/14/2015 by Elizabeth in So You Think You Can Dance and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


It's the finale! SPOILER ALERT BELOW! We finally get to learn who America's Favorite Dancer is and who gets the coveted spot with JLo in Vegas! Will it be the female crumpet dancer, JaJa? The trained Hailee? The tapper, Gaby? Or the always entertaining Virgil? Maybe the most important question of the season is... Team Stage or Team Street? (Hint: it's girl vs girl!)


Favorite Dances of the season

Jason picks: Virgil and Joshua - "Let's Go"

Paula picks: Megz and Edson - "T-shirt Routine"

Paula picks: JaJa and Ricky - Broadway

Kat picks: Team Street - Nappy Tabs number

tWitch picks: Stage Routine - Gaby and Neptune - Contemporary

Special Guest: 10 year old Little Phoenix dances with all-star Cyrus - Hip Hop (AMAZING!)

Hailee picks: Her sexy dance with Robert (they kiss at the end)

Travis picks: Street Routine - Gaby and all-star Joshua - "The Geisha Ninja Routine"

Special Guest: Principal Dancer Herman

Jason picks: Team Stage - "The Ghost Routine" aka "The Lamps"

Virgil picks: "The Robot Routine" with Hailee

Nigel picks: A Travis Wall routine with Jim and all-star Alex (A father comes home)


Results Part I: Team Stage: Hailee is OUT, Gaby is IN!

Nigel picks: JaJa and all-star Alex - "Alzheimers"

Pharside and Phoenix - Academy of Villains

Special Guest: Jenna Dewan Tatum dances with Travis Wall

Results Part II: Team Street: Virgil is OUT, JaJa is IN!

JaJa picks: "No Woman No Cry" with Jim

Gaby picks: Contemporary duet with all-star Robert to Mandy Moore


I highly suggest YouTubing all of the above routines and reminiscing over the season. Especially if you can't go see them on tour. Here we go!



Photo credit: FOX



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