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Interview: Bachelorette Kaitlyn and Shawn Considering TV Wedding?

Posted on 07/29/2015 by Elizabeth in The Bachelorette and Cast InterviewsGeneral News

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After the final rose was given to Shawn, Reality Wanted spoke with the newly engaged couple and Kaitlyn admitted it was always Shawn! Even after she kind of took it back during some one-on-one time in Ireland. Here's what they had to say about the show and future wedding plans, and Kaitlyn explains the SnapChat.


Q: Kaitlyn, when did you know for certain that it was going to be Shawn?


Kaitlyn: I think I hoped it from day one and it just ended up that I was right... It helped that he smelled delicious!


Q: Can you guys explain the SnapChat?


Kaitlyn: So, basically, there's only a few amount of people who knew we were together.  So we were sending a snapshot to one of the producers.  I accidentally made it go to my story instead of to the producer.  And we felt sick to our stomachs about it, and had mild heart attacks, and felt really bad.


Reality Wanted: Shawn the night before the proposal, Kaitlyn asked if you would watch the show when it was over. How confident were you feeling about proposing after that?


Shawn: Yeah, I felt that way, you know, the entire season. And definitely felt the way that night... I had felt the entire season was just so excited to be able to get to the house to see her and get down on one knee.


Reality Wanted: Have you guys started discussing wedding plans or dates or anything?


Shawn: Right now, we're just really enjoying the engagement... we just want to take some time and hang out, relax with our friends and our family. So we're going to focus on figuring out where to live, you know, visit Nashville, go to Vancouver, and kind of take care of that stuff the next month or two, and then start making some plans.


Q: Do you think you'd consider a televised wedding?


Kaitlyn: We would consider it.

Shawn: Yeah, we would consider it. Something we talked about for sure.

Kaitlyn: We'd have to definitely sit down and have a conversation about it.


Reality Wanted: Kaitlyn, how were you feeling going through that time of harsh cyberbullying being separated from Shawn to be by your side defending you?


Kaitlyn: I think that was definitely hard for me, because I just wanted him by my side and him to stand up for me, because I knew he wanted to as well. But I think for the most part, we handled it pretty well.  There's just a couple like really harsh comments.


Q: Who do you think the next Bachelor should be?


Shawn: Ben H.

Kaitlyn: We both agree Ben H.


Reality Wanted: Shawn, you really developed a close friendship with Ben H. Would he be invited to your wedding?


Kaitlyn: Of course.

Shawn: Yes, absolutely.


Photo credit: ABC



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