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Running Wild With Bear Grylls: Kate Winslet

Posted on 07/28/2015 by Elizabeth in Running Wild with Bear Grylls and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Snowdonia Mountains, Wales, Bear Grylls and Oscar winner Kate Winslet. Interested? Maybe the way he picks her up will entice you... via powered paraglider straight to the highest peeks in the UK along with dramatic coastline. Jump on, Kate. Seeing as though she had no problem with that, what in the world will he have her doing next??

They land on the top of the Snowdonia Mountains headed down jagged peaks to camp. One has to ask, does she do this often?She's walking with a confidence that makes us nervous on those steep cliffs. "Oh for fucks sake, Bear!" she says while looking over a ledge. That's more like it. Even though nerves show through occasionally, girl is game to rappel down rocks, slippery toes and all. In true British fashion, after every dangerous situation, drink tea.

A quick chat about how humble she is and it's time to dangle that rope down and start working their way off the ledge, over a crevasse and to the other side before camping for the night. What shall they eat? Mountain trout and worms, of course. But not before Bear kills it then puts it in Kate's shirt. Fish guts on your bra, no problem. Just wash it in the lake. "Where's your tampon stash?" she says. Here you go, start a fire with one. Time for campfire chat... did you know Kate was bullied in school? Apparently she was chubby with big feet. She combats the negative body image issues by changing the way her daughter talks about herself, which changes the way she sees herself. Unfortunately Kate wakes up in the night terribly ill, possibly the worms! Syke! She's just a really good actress and pulling Bear's leg.

Kate is first up the next morning and ready to get on the journey. Their trying to reach a boat as their extraction vessel, but they have to jump off more cliffs with those skinny little ropes. This time they're doing a forward rappel 100 feet down. Watching your face get closer to the cliff is certainly a great way to go. You can't end the show without a Titanic reenactment from Rose and then a jump into icy cold water!


Photo credit: NBC


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