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RHOC - Shannon Reveals David Had an Affair

Posted on 06/09/2015 by Jessica in The Real Housewives

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by Jessica Blackwell


Last night, our favorite ladies from Orange County returned to our screens with the Season 10 premiere. A new housewife was introduced to replace demoted former housewife Lizzie. Here's how our California girls are doing



If she was annoyingly pretentious in past seasons, she already upped the ante last night and became unbearable already in the first episode. If you can recall, and Terry are building their dream mansion, so they're still residing in their temporary rental home. Hearing her complain about how daunting it is to handle the plans for their house was nauseating. People have real problems in the world that don't involve budget issues for their 14 bathroom mega mansion.



Last time we saw her, she was freaking out about her son moving in and marrying some girl he met on Instagram that had four kids. Now she's all buddy buddy with her, and they're having a baby that's she is already calling hers. She threw them a shabby chic country baby shower and didn't invite any of her friends since she's warring with all of them. To celebrate becoming a grandma, she decided to have her implants put back in and she woke up in pain, and realized she didn't have any friends. Aww L



Our resident newbie is thirtyish and blond, the third wife of baseball legend Jim Edmonds. Her age is bound to be an issue for the other aging beauties and it certainly makes her home life interesting because her 17 year old step-daughter is closer to her in age than her husband. I'll let that sink in...She says that she broke all her rules when she chose to date her husband; she never wanted to date anyone with children - he has four, she didn't want to be with someone more than 10 years older, he's 14 years older, and she also was against dating a professional athlete - he's a hall of famer. All these rules make someone wonder what he had to do to break her down. According to her? Simply ask her on a date. Don't really sound like strict rules to me.. Anyways, she used to live a jetsetter lifestyfle and make tons of money selling software.  Already I think I like who she used to be before she got married.



After announcing last season that she was back with Brooks, things took a turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with cancer. Allegedly. According to Brianna, Brooks doesn't have cancer. Considering she hates him, I don't know if I trust the source, but I can't wait to find out why she thinks he doesn't. Since Brianna moved, having a sick boyfriend gives Vickie someone to dote on, we all know she lives for that. She hasn't spoken to Tamra since she called to tell her about the cancer, and she's pissed at her because of it.



Her story line was the biggest shocker for me. At the reunion last season, Heather announced she and David were doing much better after spending a season working on their marriage. Well now things have changed. Heather revealed that although her friends, Vickie uincluded, believe they are still making progress, things are worse than ever. Their newfound bliss didn't last long, and then Shannon discovered that David was having an affair. She caught him whispering on the phone, and then went through his brief case and found hotel receipts. Not only is he a cheater, but he's a messy cheater. They're still trying to work it out, they attended a couple's retreat to try and save their marriage. It was there that Shannon revealed the news and shared that their kids now about it. So sad.


All this makes for a pretty interesting season. Next week, Tamra and Lizzie face off, and Lizzie returns. I wonder if she will reveal why she is no longer on the show as a full housewife. Stay tuned. 



The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. 


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