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Naked and Afraid: Charlie and Danielle's Columbian Conflict

Posted on 06/08/2015 by Elizabeth in Naked And Afraid and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Charlie and Danielle are in the remote jungle of Columbia 10 miles from Caribbean coast. They are surviving in extreme heat & humidity and keeping their distance from venomous snakes, poisonous frogs and large cayman. Not to mention the annoying mosquitoes and howler monkeys.

Charlie is a 52 year old builder and former marine from NY. He brings with hims a PSR of 7.2 and a khukuri (curved machete). He would like his partner to be able to take direction. Enter Danielle, a 25 year old wilderness EMT from New Jersey who doesn't like being told what to do. She brings with her a vegetarian meal plan, a PR of 6.9 and a fire starter.

The head-butting begins when Charlie cuts himself but won't listen to his EMT partner about care for his boo-boo. And the constant snark about her vegetarianism will cost him a smooth ride. Your machismo may need to lower for a moment, dude. At least they get to cuddle and check each other for ticks... as long as she obeys. But you can imagine his frustration when Danielle cries over snails' feelings. Actually, she convinces him to let the rest of his river snails go back into the water. Get ready for Lethargic Charlie because that protein snack would have been good for preventing another slip of the knife.

Without significant protein Charlie is feeling down and thinking about tapping out. Lucky for him his strictly "no food with faces" partner is willing to catch a toad for him.... not kill it, catch it. Let's be clear about that. Hopefully it's not poisonous.

Right before their 2 day extraction they take down their shelter to use for resources. Then it rains. Because who wouldn't have that kind of luck? Their extraction point is a hike through the dense jungle, where Charlie gets stung by about 30 bees, to a bamboo grove. Then they build a raft for 7 miles of paddling (and it rains again) as far as they can before nightfall. After spending the night on the water, literally, they have to make it out to the Caribbean Sea. Due to shallow coral reefs the boat has to anchor 200 yards offshore, so now they must swim. The current pulls them away but the boat can't rescue them. Finally they make it. Charlie leaves the challenge 25 pounds lighter with a new PSR of 7.5 while Danielle is 14 pounds lighter with a new PSR score of 7.5.


Be sure to check back this week for Reality Wanted's exclusive interviews with Charlie and Danielle.


Photo credit: Discovery Channel


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