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Botched: Dolly'd Up Episode

Posted on 05/20/2015 by Elizabeth in Botched and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


"I love being a chick with a dick." Daniella was born a boy but started the transition to female around age 15. That started the long journey to "two spirits". She got breast implants and felt reborn, all to go on stage naked. Around age 24 she was falling into a depression and felt pressure to de-transition. She got her breasts removed and instantly mourned the death of her female self. Now she just wants to identify as human, not male or female. Now her nipples are deformed and she wants them fixed as well as maybe a pec implant so that she can identify as male or female whenever she wants. Dr. Dubrow finds that anatomically the muscle is higher due to scarring. If she gets a pec implant the nipple deformity won't change, if she gets a breast implant it may fill her out. Basically there's no implant perfect for her unique situation at this time. I see a money-making opportunity here.

"I'm a Dolly impersonator." Rhonda went to the doctor to have excess skin removed and she was left with was flaps of skin. She keeps it all contained with several layers of shape wear. After giving birth she gained 100 pounds. Subsequent pregnancies ended in miscarriage and depression kicked in. She got up to 265 pounds and when her father was diagnosed with cancer they made a pact. He would get healthy if she would get skinny... so she got a gastric bypass. She went from a size 26 to a size 0, losing over 150 pounds. Rhonda wasn't expecting the skin that would remain after the weight was gone. At the end of the day she just wants to tell her husband, an Elvis impersonator, he can keep the light on. Since there's a limit to how much surgery you can do at once so she has to decide what's the most important. After her outer thigh lift, abdomen tightening and skin removal she has a normal looking abdomen and tight thighs. Dr. Dubrow called it a 7 out of 10 difficulty. Post operative depression is worrying Rhonda because of her bad experience the first time but he assures her she will LOVE the results. Baring a crop top outfit Rhonda shows off her flat stomach and tight skin. Goodbye shape wear, hello lingerie. Now her husband is all shook up.

"I thought surgery was the way out of being bullied." Margo got her first rhinoplasty at 15 due to years of bullying and being called "honker from hell". It left her nose looking the same and a lot of scar tissue. She wants to be able to walk in the room and feel that people are looking at her and not her nose and wants to show her kids what confidence is like. Even just looking at her from across the table Dr. Nassif knows it's a difficult task. Apparently the first surgeon removed cartilage so Dr. Nassif will have reshape her bone. Due to her thick skin he's not confident in telling her how it will turn out but his focus is symmetry. As soon as the splint is taken off the tears flow. She looks beautiful!!!


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