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Teen Mom - Maci and Farrah Clash on Camera!

Posted on 05/12/2015 by Jessica in Teen Mom

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by Jessica Blackwell


Last nights episode of Teen Mom was different than any other episode. Now that the producers are letting the fourth wall come down, we've been allowed to see the cast interacting with the crew and acknowledging that they're on a reality show, but this was the first time that they were all seen interacting together while filming. They all headed to New York to do some press for the new season, and things got pretty awkward between Farrah and Maci. 


At first when they arrived, Maci wasn't sure whether or not Farrah knew that she had quit when they told her Farrah was returning. She didn't know at first, but the trailer for the new season was released the day they arrived in the big apple. Perfect timing huh? The producers took it upon themselves to show Farrah, and asked her how she felt about it. She claimed she had no feeling but proceeded to call her every name in the book and even claim that Maci's ex Ryan wanted her.  


Since Farrah was pretty much staying to herself, this gave the group a chance to discuss how they really felt about what Farrah did. Amber, Cate and Tyler previously said that they didn't care that Maci was returning but never said what they thought of her actions. Amber defended her, again bringing up her own past issues with addiction. When Tyler pointed out that substance addiction and doing porn weren't the same thing, Amber admitted that during the height of her addiction Vivid offered her 500k to do a porn. She stil refused.    They discussed Farrah doing porn as a group. Amber defended her, noting her own issues, but did say that vivent offered her 500K to do a porn during the height of her addiction and she still refused. They were all annoyed that the porn she shot actually had the name teen mom in it. I can't blame them for being upset. Maci commented that Bentley is already being asked if his mom was the one that shot the video. 


Farrah didn't care how Maci felt about wanting to parent a certain way, she lashed out at her as soon as she found out that she quit. She was belligerent and irrational while Maci tried to calmly explain to her that it was nothing personal. Farrah was acting like no one was supposed to have any strong feelings about what she did. Yes, it was years ago, but she tarnished the show and the good example they were trying to set.


For now it appears that the two moms are still at war. Stay tuned! 



Teen Mom airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. 




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