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The Real World: Madison's Other Skeleton

Posted on 03/04/2015 by Elizabeth in Real World and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Last episode Madison got a flower delivery with a note saying, "meet me at 3:00". Needless to say Tony isn't pleased. Speculation is the new skeleton is Madison's ex that got her addicted to drugs.


Well, it is her ex, Skyler. But it's not the one who brought her down, it's the one that got his heart broken by her drug use. While she appears over the moon, its a wonder what Tony will think of Skyler moving into the house. When he asks her if Tony is good to her, she can't quite answer and Skyler doesn't seem happy with her hesitation. It's obvious he wants to protect her even though it's strange everyone is okay with a recovering addict drinking. All Madison can do is sit back and laugh because it was Tony who just had two exes in the house at the same time.


By the end of the night the alcohol has kicked in and Tony has lost his mind. Throwing Madison's flowers off the balcony and grabbing all of Skyler's belongings and threatening to toss them, too. It should be said that Skyler has not done anything to fan the flame. In fact, he sees and hears Tony's eruption and backs away slowly.


In other relationship news, there was a big fight between Bruno and Carla about her wanting to treat him to something. Total cold shoulder during dinner. In his mind the man pays for anything and everything. While she's giggling it off, he's riling himself up. He eventually tells her to leave the house and she tells him she doesn't plan on speaking to him again. Later he professes his love over the phone and she's quick to forgive.


Not to be without drama, as soon as Skyler leaves and Bruno and Carla make up: Jason is making out with girls before going into daddy-mode when he laves Chicago. Nicole is grinding with a guy buying her shots. Tony is stealing bottles... again... and his card is getting declined when he gets caught. Special thanks to Nicole (the lesbian) for having her dancing partner pay the tab.


There's only one episode left and it's a good one. Jason and Nicole physically fight and Jason's father shows up!

Photo credit: MTV


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