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Real World Skeletons: Breaking Mad

Posted on 02/25/2015 by Elizabeth in Real World and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Who is the new skeleton? Madison's past is a history of hard drugs and abusive relationships. She has lied and stolen from people, she's been arrested and considers herself lucky to be alive. One person that stuck by her throughout the addictions was her stepsister. While Madison is worrying herself to death about who the skeleton from her past could be, it was Rachel all-the-while. They were raised together from the age of three and considered their relationship extremely close until Madison got into drugs. Since she has rehabbed herself she has only seen her sister 3 or 4 times but is looking for a fresh start.


Rachel isn't down for the partying scene, though. She feels that drunk is equal to getting high and isn't willing to club with her sister. She'd rather use this short time to bond. More than anything she's just trying to protect Madison. Their relationship is so strained, Madison fears that they don't know each other anymore. Soon after Rachel leaves Madison gets flowers with a note that says, "Meet me at 3P today...". Whuh oh!


Meanwhile, Jason is having a baby girl. But first he wants to do the deed with a random stranger. After being shut down several times he returns home and drunkenly cries about how he wants to break the cycle of being fatherless. He wants to be the best dad he can be. He drunk dials Yolanda (baby mama) and tells her ho much he can't wait for their daughter, Taylor, to be born. In the middle of his message Yolanda's brother answers the phone and tells Jason the baby has been born and both mama and baby are healthy. Now all he wants to do is go to North Carolina with his wolf pack and meet his beautiful baby girl. (Nicole is headed to Brooklyn to work as an EMT.)


Photo credit: MTV


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