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Real World: Not All Skeletons Are Bad

Posted on 02/11/2015 by Elizabeth in Real World and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Bruno is still in love with Carla (the non-roomie), Sylvia is in love with a picture of Bruno and Jason... Madison is still reluctantly in love with Tony, Tony is okay with that now that his two exes are gone. The cat and mouse game is over now, they are in a real relationship. Of course, it didn't happen until Madison told him she was done.


Meanwhile, Bruno is trying to beef up in the gym but the roommates are eating his protein. He hasn't spoken to his brother in over two years because of food, a tuna-fish sandwich no less... these people better wake up! He doesn't care that you've all gotten in a fight during a drunken night out, he cares about his BURGER! The real story is the argument started out about a sandwich, but escalated into name calling and trash talking between the brothers. Bruno claims it's because his brother is sensitive about being gay/bisexual but his brother claims Bruno has anger issues and is sensitive about being hit by a car (almost losing his life).


But who's the new skeleton??? Nicole's sisters Samantha and Ashley! Apparently they're triplets, who knew? Not all skeletons are bad. Both of her sisters are engaged to be married but Nicole wants to remain married to herself, "no one can love me like me". Her sisters disagree and think she needs to start settling down. They don't agree with her lifestyle, not about her being a lesbian about her being a player. Now Nicole is finally seeing her weaker side and is sad that her sisters will be moving out and moving on without her.


With the sisters gone, it's time for another skeleton. This time is Briah, Bruno's brother. Yup, the one he hasn't spoken to in years.


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