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Celebrity Apprentice season 14 Pie in the face of adversity

Posted on 01/05/2015 by Ajay in The Celebrity Apprentice and General News

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Donald Trump saw the 14th season of Apprentice launch last night. It's in season 14 however it is only the 7th season of The Celebrity version.

If Trump's twitter fans are to be believed, there may not be too many more seasons of this show as The Don may well make good his threat of running for POTUS however I will not be holding my breath. 


This season makes one thing extremely clear - being on Reality TV now makes you a confirmed cross over "celebrity" because there was a number of reality stars fighting it out in the boardroom including two housewives (Kenya RHOA and Brandi RHOBH), a "stay at home" mom of 8 kids (Kate Gosselin), Lorenzo Lamas (is there a reality show he hasn't done?), and Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen.


One thing Celeb Apprentice is known for is successfully "relaunching" the careers of "where are they now's" including recent alumni Gary Busey and Arsenio Hall.This series we see Hollywood royalty Leeza Gibbons prove to everyone her career is far from over and I believe will be the person to beat this series. She has a very hefty little black book and in last night's episode was the highest fund raiser on the ladies team, "Infinity".


The men, led by Geraldo Rivera, called themselves Vortex and on AfterBuzz Tv's recap show we created the drinking game of taking a shot every time Geraldo references being a war correspondent. Cue hangover.


There's no doubt Kevin Jonas wants to win, and poor little "Rudy Huxtable" from The Cosby Show struggled the most in trying to keep her spot in the show and was fired for not calling Bill Cosby and asking him to donate. This show was shot early 2014 before the huge Cosby storm but in hindsight it makes a little more sense why she didn't pick up the phone. However so far today, as everyone questions why not, she has been classy and has not bad mouthed her former television father in her post Apprentice interviews.


For a full recap, gossip, news and reviews, check out my AfterBuzz TV Celebrity Apprentice show.









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