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Real World: the First to Smash

Posted on 01/01/2015 by Elizabeth in Real World and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


There's still skeletons left in the closets, but that's soon to change. What makes this season (and these skeletons) different is the fact that once they show up, they're only around for a week. That's just long enough to mess up whatever the cast mates have going on, then jump ship safely. And these "skeletons" aren't necessarily exes, they're anyone they may have slighted or may have slighted them at some point in the past.


What is there to mess up? Only 5 days in Tony, Madison and Sylvia have an awkward triangle going. Surely in Real World fashion there will be a threesome. Bruno and Sylvia had a thing, now they don't... and he has a new thing named Carla. Awkward. Carla won't last long, one more bar and she's out. Oh, but wait, it's MTV... can't forget the Violetta and Sylvia tongue wrestle. Or Sylvia peeing in the confessional. From what it looked like, she just went to the wrong room to drop trou. Pam also drops trou... she's an outsider just here to hook up with Bruno. Good for you, Bruno, the first to "smash".


One skeleton may be a former fling, that Jason happened to get pregnant. Now that he's going to be a father (he's having girl) he has decided the way he speaks to women needs to change. Very mature of you, Jason. This will surely change the natural next morning hangover fights. Will his baby mama, Yolanda, make an appearance? You bet. But they both agree that what they had wasn't emotionally charged so it may not be as much of an uprising as everyone is hoping for. Maybe we will see more maturity from one of these seven people picked to live in a house.


Photo credit: MTV


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