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Utopia: Cancelled, Effective Immediately

Posted on 11/03/2014 by Elizabeth in Utopia and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


It's a sad day in Utopia as Fox has decided to cancel it's reality show. The "brave new world" is now empty. One moment the Utopians are chatting as usual and the next moment the feeds are down... not even a goodbye given to the loyal #Viewtopians. Last Friday's Halloween episode will be the last to air.


Earlier today executive producer Jon Kroll (@hippykid) tweeted: "Sorry to confirm, cancellation is true - a shock to all of us with all the great feedback on the new direction. Thanks to all for support." His subsequent tweets say that the 300 person staff is currently working with the Utopians on finding new employment and how shocked they were with the decision to end the social experiment. The cast got a tour of the control room and are currently in a hotel speaking with their families. The only personal updates we have are that Amanda will get her baby shower presents that America has sent her and the Utopia Commerce will be dealt with appropriately. This includes jewelry, art, etc. that the Utopians had made by hand at the compound and were selling for income.


Although I'm sure several of the cast members will be returning to social media soon and all inquiries will be addressed publicly there's still some questions left unanswered... 1) Will Jake the Bee Keeper and Dedeker keep in touch? 2) Do cast members get their stipend in full or pro-rated? 3) What will happen to the Mootopians (the cows) and other animals? 4) Will Fox put the farm up for sale or use it in another project in the future? 5) Will they allow the cast members to be candid about their experience?


If you've been following on the live streams and have questions about your Premium Passport subscription you can email them at [email protected]. Beginning November 7, encores of Masterchef Junior will fill Utopias Friday night slot.


Photo credit: FOX


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