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Kendra on Top: Where's Poppa/Apartmentatized

Posted on 11/02/2014 by Elizabeth in Kendra and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Where's Poppa?

Kendra needs a little insight into her current situation, preferably from a semi-outsider. Hugh Hefner is what Kendra calls "a real man" so it's no surprise she would turn to him for guidance. He's been through it all. What's wonderful about Hef's support is he doesn't bash Hank, he simply provides Kendra with advice for her and the situation in general. Now Kendra has to decide if Hank deserves a second chance or not. But can she get past her fathers abandonment and stop putting that on Hank's shoulders? Time to find out.


With Jessica's help Kendra decides to look up her father on social media to contact him. Before she picks up the phone she learns that he lives in Florida at a nudist colony, a multi-millionaire, and considers himself "a full-time surfer and an occasional biotechnology consultant". Who knew the desire to show some skin can be a genetic quality. Hopefully this has a happy ending because Kendra needs a great distraction.



Kendra's father, Eric, left her when she was five years old. She doesn't have many memories of her dad but does remember him leaving. Now she is looking to reconnect. Throughout the years Patti, Kendra's mom, has described Eric in a negative light but Kendra is left wondering what the truth actually is. She bites the bullet and dials his number. His first sentence is "I'm so happy you called." What sweet words that must be to hear after so long. And then he asks if she's okay. This means he's kept up with Kendra and her life throughout the years. Pop media does have a purpose of some sort, I suppose. Although Eric has invited Kendra to visit him in Costa Rica she (and her therapist) are reluctant to accept the invite. It may be better to take things slowly but Kendra is ready to leap.


If Kendra is going on this trip, Hank will need to keep the kids. That is fine with Kendra, but she still is looking for answers. Predictably he clams up when Kendra starts asking her questions. "Do you have a fetish?" she asks. "Six years we've been together," is his response. That doesn't even make sense. Why did he even invite her to his apartment if he wasn't ready to spill the beans? Maybe next week.


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