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Utopia: the First Wedding

Posted on 10/20/2014 by Elizabeth in Utopia and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Rob is getting married! A tailor is brought in to fit the groom and a haircut and shave are in order. Apparently he doesn't want to look like he's been in Utopia for 50 days. But wait... Knock Knock. Who's there? Pastor Jonathan! No it's not a joke (and thank God he missed the 'tribal hedonism' bachelor party. And shall I say, Mike in a corset reminds me so much of Frank N Furter), he'll be the one marrying Rob and Jess. It couldn't be more perfect... for the Utopians anyways. Who knows how Jess really feels about all of this. Total cost for the wedding: $750. Bargain. Maybe this could be their new business venture.


One word... mayogate. Aaron may or may not have used Josh's mayonnaise and hid the evidence. When Josh confronts Aaron, Aaron gets physical. And Josh would like the altercation addressed through a trial (presided over by Mike, of course). For the recorded, Ernesto says "mayonnaise" kind of like "mennies", ha! Based on witness testimony they find Aaron guilty. Both parties will report to Amanda first thing monday morning for anger management and Aaron is also sentenced to an hour of garden duty with Hex. This was the first peaceful settlement we've seen from the Utopians. This should be a lesson to them regarding their government issues.


In other couple news:

Cal is still trying to convince Nikki to have a one year relationship. Yet he sounds so Insincere. "I'm like a 9 on the masculine scale and you're a 9 on the feminine scale. I'm looking for polarity." Mmmm, K.


Ca$h (the baby calf) is reunited with his mama much to Bella's pleasure.


Mike and Dedeker. These two are off an on so often it's unclear what their present state is. Until they're found christening the love shack aka the honeymoon suite before Rob and Jess have a chance to. But don't get too comfy, they're already off again. Jake the bee keeper is driving a wedge between them. But Mike has always known Dedeker is polyamorous.


Josh is trying to convince Bella it's time for a little lovin' and Bella is denying him... twice. It's been six years since Bella has taken a lover.

In two weeks we are promised a bombshell! But, Utopia will be off next week due to the World Series. You can still keep track of your favorite Utopians at UtopiaTV.com on the 24/7 livestreams.


Photo credit: FOX


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