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I Wanna Marry "Harry": My 'Brother' William

Posted on 06/11/2014 by Elizabeth in I Wanna Marry Harry and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Previous occupant of the crown suite, Karina, is having breakfast with Sir while she notices a (planted) photo (photoshopped) of Not Prince Harry and his "brother" Prince William. The plan works and she is convinced of Sirs status. After an extravagant date from helicopter to Rolls Royce to a boat jetting them down the Thames, the pair notice (also planted) Prince Harry fans on a bridge. Karina has never been more convinced in her life of who Sir is at this point... and doesn't hesitate to fill the other girls in.


Later Chelsea and Maggie are picked to go riding with Not Prince Harry while the rest of the girls muck the stables. Chelsea and her 'take no shit' attitude can't wait to challenge Maggie while on the picnic date with Not Prince Harry, making for an awkward lunch. Her role as the aggressive one eventually leads to her early dismal (her choice). The girls act surprised but can't get her off the estate fast enough.


Karina then gets asked for late night drinks in the "Princes" suite while the other girls take shots in the dining room. Kelly is losing her mind with jealousy and crying because she can't stand the thought of her Prince with another girl. This overwhelming frenzy continues onto Main Garden time during a game of badminton, as well as when she's is called out of the dining room to discuss whether she will be one of the girls staying or leaving the estate. Luckily for Kelly, Anna Lisa is sent home because she was too inquisitive and not looking for a real connection while Not Prince Harry considers Kelly more dons-to-earth and offers her the crown suite. I guess Sir enjoys the company of pitiful, squealing, puppies because this girl is the epitome of desperate.


Next week Kingsley announces that Not Prince Harry actually IS Prince Harry. The girls may die.


Photo courtesy of FOX



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