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I Wanna Marry "Harry": Competing for the Crown

Posted on 05/28/2014 by Elizabeth in I Wanna Marry Harry and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


We left last week with Rose getting the Crown Suite across the hall from Not Prince Harry and Leah getting sent home. This week we start off with Kimberly making a shocking revelation, "I just don't see how they would let crazy American girls around Prince Harry." It's about time, ladies.


Not Prince Harry's first action the morning after the ball is to creep in on Rose in the Crown Suite while she's getting ready, toothbrush in mouth. He's there to announce his presence and to treat her to a (what she thinks is) royal breakfast then whisk her away on his helicopter.


She decides to "go for it" and kiss him after poking fun at his pasty skin while at their seaside lunch. Meanwhile the other girls are left at the measly palace to take in some sun poolside and critique each others physiques. Later Not Prince Harry treats them to croquet and cricket where Maggie seems a little buzzed and Jaqueline admits to being a wild child (because the Queen would just looooove that). What is cricket? You must be American to ask that question. It's a game played with a ball and a bat by two sides of usually 11 players each on a large field centering upon two wickets each defended by a batsman. And no, it's nothing like baseball. Let's move on.


Kingsley cattle calls the girls for dinner where poor Maggie is still on display. Gagging on her food and making faces that nearly blow Not Prince Harry's cover as he watches her behavior. Maggie's word of the day: vom. As in vomit. As in, "I'm trying really hard to keep down this 'vom' from coming up." Classy. Better yet, she knocks back the fine wine and continues to allow her buzz to become full on wasted. Perfect timing for some mean girl action to ensue. Best quote of the night goes to Meghan who whirls this grand insult: "I could eat alphabet soup and shit something out and it would make more sense than what you are saying right now!"


Remember Kimberly from earlier? She is the lucky lady to be given the Crown Suite where she shares, "Stuff like that doesn't happen to me, I don't even win bingo." I totally get what he sees in her. But still one unlucky lady is sent packing. Tonight that lady is Andrea, with hoop earrings the size of her face. Gee, I. Am. Shocked. Her reaction? "He's not my type anyway."


Photo courtesy of FOX


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