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I Wanna Marry "Harry": the Royal Masquerade Begins

Posted on 05/20/2014 by Elizabeth in I Wanna Marry Harry and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Here we are ladies, the premier of I Wanna Marry "Harry"! And as far as I can tell, the "Prince" makes the show. Matt, aka "Sir" or "Prince Harry", is actually a poor 23 year old who borrows (yes, borrows) a friends' bicycle to get to work as part of an oil clean-up crew. Watching him go through his crash course in all things Harry and learning to be royal (playing polo, riding horses, etiquette, and of course obtaining that gorgeous ginger mane) mean we get to see what Matt is really like. One thing that seems to be repetitive is the convincing that he is here to find someone that will love him for what he has to offer, not who he is pretending to be. Why should we believe this? He is a British man wooing 12 American gold-diggers... I mean, women. What are these girls going to do, move to the UK? These women seem to have a certain idea of a lifestyle they are interested in and over-the-pond oil spills don't seem to be part of their plans.


Sir's grand entrance via helicopter lets us see how the ladies could assume he is of royal stature. From afar, he does indeed resemble the Prince. Now that the ladies assume Matt is in fact Prince Harry, it should be interesting watching their behavior throughout the season. Will they become more proper or show their true colors?


Deflection is the name of this game. And Not Prince Harry is very cheeky and clever with his answers to their invasive questions during the masquerade ball... complete with ballroom dancing of course. The first girl sent home is Leah, a 24 year old from Fort Worth Texas. He just didn't feel a spark through her reserved behavior even though I think she may have been the best match for him with her toned down look and reserved behavior. The first girl to get the Crown Suite across the hall from Not Prince Harry is Rose, a very loud and excited girl who hails from California. Next week we will see how Sir treats his ladies on private dates, and watch Rose grill him for more information about his true identity.


Photo courtesy of FOX


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