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American Idol: Sam Woolf Elimination Interview

Posted on 05/02/2014 by Elizabeth in American Idol and Cast InterviewsGeneral News

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Sam Woolf was eliminated from American Idol this week leaving just four remaining contestants in the competition. Labeled all season as a 'teen heartthrob,' Woolf's humble personality and musical artistry is hardly that. When it's this late in the competition it's always hard to see anyone go home, but we had a chance to catch up with Sam about his experience on American Idol and what's in the future for him.

Earlier this season, Sam faced elimination, but was saved by judges with the one and only "save" of the season. Sam explains, "It definitely pumped me up, and realized ... I just have to give it my all." This week, Sam sensed he'd be eliminated saying, "I had a feeling just because of my performance...that previous night I wasn't too confident about it."

Of course the 18-year-old singer-songwriter has an album on his mind, and we can expect some musical inspiration from the incredible folk/rock musician, David Gray. Sam tells Reality Wanted, "My Dad introduced me to him. I was really young, and like ever since then I just started listening to his music," he adds, "The kind of music David Gray makes is the kind, that I kind of want to make. Definitely a big influence... songwriting and stuff." When asked what his favorite performance was this season, Sam says, "I had the most fun, I think ... singing 'Sail Away' by David Gray."

The Braden River High School senior will be missing his prom, but he hopes to walk with his classmates at his Graduation after the American Idol Finale at the end of the month. Woolf was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, which he plans to attend in the fall unless another opportunity presents itself.

It's down to four contestants next week, battling for the title of the American Idol; Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse and Alex Preston. The Top 4 American Idol live performances will air Wednesday night on Fox.

Photo courtesy of Fox


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