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Kathy Wakile’s Daughter Undergoes Brain Surgery

Posted on 04/27/2014 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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New Jersey Housewife Kathy Wakile's daughter Victoria had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. This is the second operation for brain tumor removal for the 20-year-old.

During a family vacation at the beach, Victoria fainted when she just 10 years old. After many scans and tests, they found a benign brain tumor causing obstruction.

Just recently, after 10 years passed, Victoria had been feeling strange again with sever headaches. Victoria said, "Mom, I just don't feel right," Kathy tells OK Magazine."

Victoria underwent the operation about two weeks ago that took nearly ten hours. She is now recovering wonderfully, "She's great," Kathy adds, "We went to her campus to talk to her advisors and get all of her work from her professors."

The grateful mom shared an update on Instagram revealing the scar on Victoria's head captioned, "My baby had a #braintumor but it DID NOT HAVE HER!! @victoriawakile staples came out today!#BrainTumorThursday #GodIsGreat."

That's wonderful news Victoria Wakile underwent a successful brain surgery and his recovering well. 


Photos courtesy of Kathy Wakile's Instagram.


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