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American Dream Builders: Cali Craftsman

Posted on 04/21/2014 by Elizabeth in American Dream Builders and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


There are only 5 weeks left until the finale and only 7 contestants remaining. Back in teams, their challenge this week is to renovate two craftsman style homes and create more functional work environments for the work-from-home owners. They have only 5 days to build and according to the first few minutes, the contestants seem concerned that one team may have the first house delivered unfinished.

The twist this week is the extra help in the form of either a Chase Freedom card with $5,000 or two carpenters to build any special projects needed for the reno. Since Elaine and Darren won the previous challenge they get to chose which they prefer. They chose the carpenters which leaves the other team with extra cash in their budget.

This week Erinn steps up as Team Red site manager, even though she does not seem excited about the craftsman challenge. The owner of their home is a chef who tests out recipes and needs a more functional kitchen. As far as the contestants go, Dann is concerned about being overshadowed (and maybe he should be after putting the tv in a closed cabinet), but Erinn does her job and makes a "spectacular" kitchen for the homeowner but is it enough?

Team Blue has Nina as a site manager and their home is owned by a personal trainer who needs a gym-type workspace so he can do more work from home. Contestant  Darren is sensitive and does not take constructive criticism well but wow does he have a nice six pack and the man can build a home gym. Elaine apparently has lost the 'tude but has she also lost her special touch? And, hard Jay is actually a softy about being away from his 5 children but his backyard is beyond impressive.

Even though the judges disagree with the neighborhood counsel, Team Blue wins and is safe from elimination. The contestant leaving the competition is


Erinn. Her little boy's bedroom just wasn't exciting enough. Sorry, Erinn.


Photo courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC


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