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RHONY - Real vs. Fake

Posted on 04/16/2014 by Jessica in The Real Housewives

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by Jessica Blackwell


Tonight's episode of RHONY was all about the differences between real people and fake people and truth coming to light. 


Ramona returned from her Africa trip and was met with the sh** storm that was the feud between Heather and Aviva. Of course, Aviva completely skewed reality when filling Ramona in, claiming that Heather lunged at her from out of nowhere in the Hamptons and told her that no one liked her! Proclaiming that her experiences in Africa made her feel more peaceful - although the only detail she talked about what sex between the safari animals - Ramona pushed Aviva and Heather to have a sit down. 


During the meeting, Aviva started right out and accused Heather of verbally raping her. When she said that, it became clear to me what the problem was between these two women - they can't communicate because they don't speak the same language. Heather expresses things in a very real way and Aviva prefers to sugar coat everything and can't handle the truth. Real recognizes real, not fake!  Aviva actually said that comparing Sonja to Anna Nicole Smith and saying she was on a downward spiral was a compliment, until Heather called BS and made her concede. Aviva said those words, (among others) and she needs to stick with them and not try and backtrack to make herself sound nicer.  Aviva spends most of her time analyzing how other speak and never gets down to the bone of the issue - its her way of spreading smoke and mirrors. 


"I never verbally raped Aviva, she's the one who verbally rapes people. I keep it real, and if you don't want to hear the truth, then you better not invite me to the party." - Heather


When Heather spewed off a list of rude and snobby things Aviva has said to people, Aviva asked her what she's done to her specifically. Heather shot back "I'm not waiting in line" - damn right!  


"You have no respect for people who have gone out and built careers." - Heather 


Aviva refuses to admit that she could have hurt Carole, and instead chooses to highlight how others have "attacked her" about the issue. In the end, the two agreed to disagree and just move forward. Heather won't forget how fake, phony, and malicious Aviva is, she just didn't want to fight with her anymore. 


Heather made the decision not to invite Aviva to her anniversary party later that night, even though they technically made up. She just felt it was too soon and didn't want any drama on her special night. I thought that was fair, but Sonja, Ramona and Aviva didn't. Although they RSVP'd, Sonja and Ramona decided to boycott since Heather didn't invite Aviva.  I'm sorry, did Ramona forget that she was just beefing with Aviva a few months back? Did Sonja forget that Aviva called her a mess and a drunk? Heather chalked the diss up to Ramona's Singer Stinger, and we all know Sonja just went along with whatever Ramona wanted to do.  Oh well - everyone had a blast at the party without them. 

"How your sex life? I know at one point you weren't having sex with Josh." - Brandi Glanville


A visit from a Miami housewife clued us into a side of Kristin's marriage that we haven't seen before. Brandi Glanville popped up at a lunch with Carole and Kristin and said some pretty revealing things about Kristin on camera. First, she told a story about Kristin's bachelorette party, saying that she kissed an Elvis impersonator on the lips and that she would have slept with him if Brandi hadn't of stopped it! Wow! Then she revealed that at some point Kristin and Josh weren't having sex. That's never good -  and shame on Brandi for saying those things on the air! 


Then at Heather's anniversary party, Kristin revealed to Carole that she sees a therapist without Josh knowing, and she even had him go to a couple's counseling session with this therapist - and he still doesn't know she' been seeing her! Carole, although she has never been married, knew enough to say that secrets in a marriage is a betrayal. I think we'll be seeing more drama from this couple in the coming episodes...


It seems like the feud between Heather, Aviva, and Carole just got a whole lot worse and now the entire group is divided. Stay tuned for next week, when Sonja and Ramona have an argument! 


The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo. 


(photo courtesy of Bravo) 





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