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Ghost Hunters Season 10: Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 02/05/2014 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 10 Episode 3

 Story By: Chad Alan


"Don't Forget About Us"


Octagon Hall - Franklin, KY


Octagon Hall is an old style house built in the days of the Civil War by Andrew Caldwell.  Caldwell was a supporter of the Confederate army and he would house, hide, and medically treat Confederate soldiers during the war.  Of course many soldiers would end up dying in the home, along with his wife and two daughters from sickness and a fire.  All of these terrible things seemed to have left a scar on the house.  Caldwell died in 1866 and was buried next to the rest of his family on the grounds near the house.  Octagon Hall is now a museum and the new owners have started renovations and this usually means paranormal activity.  During their renovations they found an underground tunnel and crawl space where the Confederate soldiers would hide from Union soldiers scoping out the area.  It was after they found the crawl space when the paranormal activity spiked.  Many of the workers are seeing ghostly figures in various parts of the house, objects are moving and flying across the room, and pictures are shaking and falling off the walls.


Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango were the first to enter the Octagon house.  They started at the entrance to the tunnels in the basement and thought they might get some type of communication or activity but nothing out of the ordinary occurred.  They entered the workshop room and as they were calling out for anyone spiritual that may be with them, the door closed behind them.  They could not debunk the door closing or opening by itself.


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry started their investigation in the area of the crawl space, which seems to be a paranormal hotspot.  Is it because an entity that once hid in this small area over 150 years ago has been disturbed from his resting spot?  They tried to communicate with whatever spirit might be there but there were no signs of activity. 


Steve joined TAPS co-founder Jason Hawes in the main floor of the house.  They tried to anger the spirits but yelling out that they were "Yankees" from the north.   Jason believed he heard a man's voice and this was followed by what sounded like a conversation was occurring.  Another voice they heard sounded like a young girl whimpering or crying out for help.  Both of these items were caught on their audio and the owners said they recognize both of these as common occurrences in the house.  The activity stopped so they moved to the room where the one daughter who died in a fire used to live.  A few strange noises got their attention but nothing significant enough to provide as evidence.  When they replayed their audio during the evidence review they picked up a voice saying "Don't forget about us."  Hard to know if they wanted the new owners to continue to open up new secret passages in the house or just make sure they continue to keep the house as a museum to make sure their history is not forgotten.


TAPS felt there was certainly some type of haunting occurring but not one they should be afraid of.


Woodruff-Fontaine House - Memphis, TN


The house was built in 1871 by Amus Woodruff.  The family lost two children in the house and finally Mr. Woodruff passed away very young and the house was sold to the Fontaines. The nine person family would suffer many losses of their own and one of their sons, Elliot, has been seen by the new owners on the stairway to his room.  The new owners also feel there is an aggressive spirit on the third floor near Elliot's room where reports of strange voices are heard, doors slam, and people have been pushed and had article of clothing and jewelry tugged at.  A dark, faceless woman ghost has also been seen in this area.  People feel as if something is passing through them.  The activity gets more intense in the house in the late summer and fall, the same time of year when many of the past family members died in the house.


Jason and Steve were the first to enter the house and the decided to focus on Elliot Fontaine's room.  As they called out for Elliot, Jason felt a scratch on his arm and noticed three scratches on his arm that started to raise and turn red.  This has happened to the team members before but it is rare. 


Amy and Adam headed to the second floor area to investigate a room where the sound of a sobbing woman has been heard and as Adam begged for some type of activity, something touched his back and this was followed by Amy feeling the same thing on her arm.  They called out for Molly Woodruff, who lost a child while giving birth and some feel she is the one haunting this room.  Almost on cue, a crying/sobbing sound was heard.  This sound was very load and they could not debunk it.  When they showed this evidence to the owners, they said it was a sound they have heard before. 


TAPS felt that former members of the two families may very well be still residing in it today.  They tried to calm the owners of the house but if their experiences continue as they describe I can see them relocating soon, especially if they start getting scratches of their own. 


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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