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Ghost Hunters Season 10: Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 01/29/2014 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 10 Episode 2

Story By: Chad Alan


"Phantom Fleet"


Buffalo Naval and Military Park - Buffalo, New York


TAPS would be investigating 2 naval ships and one submarine, all of which were involved in many battles or rescue missions during their time of service.  The USS The Sullivans was named after the Sullivan family who lost five sons in a naval battle in 1945.  Half bodied apparitions and ghostly faces that look like they have been burned are said to float in the cabins.  This ship was part of a rescue effort of another ship that took on friendly fire and many were burned and eventually died on the ship.  The USS Little Rock had 2 known sailors die on board and a shadow of man and blue floating lights have not only been reported but caught on camera.  The USS Croaker is a submarine that was actually responsible for sinking the Japanese ship that killed the Sullivan boys.  Visitors and workers are said to feel tugs and have an uneasy feeling as they go throughout the sub.  When a sailor would die on the sub he could be stored in the submarines freezer for weeks.  Disembodied voices and footsteps, doors closing, lights flashing in Morse Code, strange mists, and sailor apparitions are all part of the experience when taking a tour on these naval vessels. 


The USS Little Rock

Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango tried to debunk the floating blue lights that have been reported in the hull of the ship and thought they might have been able to tie it back to either a flashlight or camera reflecting off the metal surfaces.  TAPS co-founder Jason Hawes would join Steve on the ship and, as they were talking, something whipped past Jason's head and he seemed pretty startled and that's hard to do to a ghost hunting veteran.  When they replayed the video it was a bird, unfortunately.  Britt Griffith would join Dave and they started out by showing their EMF detectors and other equipment was silent and not registering any readings.  They began their EVP session and after they had asked a few questions, their EMF detector went off followed by a whistle that could not be tracked down.  This whistle was identified as the whistle that would sound before an announcement was made on the ship.  Here is the problem, all the equipment on the ship was turned off.  Britt and Michelle Tate tried to debunk the report of the lights flashing on and off as if it were Morse Code, but the lights seemed stable as they tried to flick the switches to see if they were lose and could be triggered by somebody pounding on the walls, which they could not.  This same area is where one soldier died so I guess we can all draw our own conclusions.  Amy Bruni and Adam Berry boarded the ship and while they were inside they heard...and the viewer heard, somebody walking above them.  Some of the loudest footsteps I've ever heard during an investigation.  Nobody else besides them and the camera man were on the ship at this time. 


The USS The Sullivans

The mess hall was used as an emergency treatment center after rescuing sailors who had been burned on another ship.  Shadow figures, disembodied conversations, and ghost sailors with burnt faces are said to appear.  A mist is also said to be seen.  Amy Bruni and Samantha Hawes, yes Jason's daughter, took some pictures in the area of the mist, which happens to be by the photo of the Sullivan men, and found that it's very possible this mist was actually just the breath of the picture taker on a cold night as they were able to re-create the photos taken of the mist.  While Jason and Steve were investigating, the sound of a hatch closing got their attention but of course it wasn't them and nobody else was on any part of the ship.


The USS Croaker

Amy and Andy were the first to board the submarine.  The submarine sunk 9 Japanese ships during its war time use.  On three separate occasions they heard a man's voice that was so obvious that they called out to see if anybody else was there with them.  Michelle and Britt set up their EMF equipment in the middle of the sub and it wasn't long before the devices started to sound, right after hearing footsteps just five feet away from them.  Britt tried knocking on the sub morse code style and tried to see if he got a response...and he did....three knocks right back at him.  All of this was picked up on their audio.


There were many personal experiences that the team had during the investigation.  Knocking, voices, footsteps, and normal sounds you would hear on a ship had it been active with sailors.  The Ghost Hunters believed that the paranormal activity occurring on the ships is more of a residual haunting, a non-intelligent haunting that occurs over and over again without any purpose except spirits reliving the past. 


This was Michelle Tate's last show as she realized ghost hunting wasn't her passion and was heading off to find it.  Her time on the team was short but we wish her well.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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