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Ghost Hunters Season 10: Episode 1 Recap

Posted on 01/22/2014 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 10 Episode 1

Story By: Chad Alan


"Orphans of Gettysburg"


Gettysburg - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest and deadliest battle in the civil war.  Over 97,000 Union and 75,000 Confederate soldiers fought in the battle and 51,000 died.  Mind you, the city itself only had 2,400 residents so this was a huge surge of life and death.  TAPS would investigate two main locations, the "Soldiers Museum," which used to be a child orphanage and the "Jennie Wade House."  Jennie Wade is said to be the only civilian causality of the battle.  A third place they would investigate is the "Farnsworth House" which served as a hospital for the wounded soldiers and some believe is actually the spot where the bullet that killed Jennie Wade came from.  The orphanage, although a home to many children, was also considered to be a horrible place.  Kids were sometimes sent down to the basement, referred to as "The Dungeon," which included an even deeper hole called "The Pit," to be punished for probably very little.  Many workers and visitors see ghostly children in the now museum and often hear children's voices and the sounds of children playing throughout the building.  Children would sometimes run and hide in the Jennie Wade house and ghost children are often seen in there as well.  Of course there are many reports of the ghosts of soldiers roaming through the various buildings in the town and fields, including disembodied voices. The entire town of Gettysburg will be forever marked with the fatal activities of the 3 day battle which occurred 150 years ago.


Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves were the first to enter the former orphanage.  Artifacts from the battle line every room and wall in the Museum.  A few strange noises and the sound of a creaky door closing got their attention a few times but nothing more to report.  They headed over to the Jennie Wade house, were multiple bullet holes still exist in the walls and doors.  One of these holes was created by the bullet that would kill Jennie Wade.  Their search for Jennie Wade would not be successful.


Dave Tango and Britt Griffith headed out to the fields of Gettysburg where reports of the apparitions of soldiers are frequently reported along with orbs and sounds of whispering and bloody screams.  They thought they saw a figure in the distance and when they looked at this spot through their thermal imager they saw a "person" walking and then disappear.  They tried to debunk it by having Britt walk in the same area but at no point did his figure disappear in the thermal imager no matter where he walked.  So simply put, they caught a ghost.  Adam Berry and Amy Bruni would later spend time out in the fields and at one point they believe they saw a figure with a very pale face and when they directed their flashlights in that area, the figure disappeared.


Adam and Britt headed to the basement of the former orphanage and tried to make contact with the ghost children that are being reported.  They had monitoring equipment set up throughout the basement and on more than one occasion their instruments started to register readings and the identification lights were flashing around the various toys they had set up.


Jason and Steve would head to the attic of the Farnsworth house to see if they could experience the reports of people seeing confederate soldiers, as well as, ghost children.  Some faint voices would get their attention but nothing more would come out of this.  Adam and Amy would spend time in the basement, where dead bodies would be stored, and did see a black shadow walking in the distance. Jason and Steve would also experience the same shadow figure while they were investigating in this same area.  They also heard what sounded like conversations occurring around them.    


The team was able to get many of the faint voices or conversations they were hearing during their investigation recorded on their audio devices but what was being said could not be heard.  Again, these were not EVP's but actual audible sounds.  They also might have caught a woman in a period style dress on one of their video recorders.  Overall, The Ghost Hunters were impressed with the paranormal activity they experienced and you have to believe this hot spot will serve as a nice spot for future investigations.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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