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America's Next Top Model Cycle 20: Finale Part 2 Recap

Posted on 11/16/2013 by Gina in Americas Next Top Model

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Jourdan, Cory, and Marvin on the ANTM Cycle 20 finale


by Thea Napolitano


It's been a long and challenging road for all of the America's Next Top Model contestants. Before Marvin, Jourdan, and Cory stepped out for the final walk, the judges eliminated one of the models right before go time! His fierce unique look and attitude brought a lot of fans but the judges didn't feel he was quite ready. Cory was eliminated and devastated by the news. It was tough for him to put his game face on but when he did, he looked amazing.

The runway walk was full of Bali culture, located in the "Beautiful Garden of Good Fortune". The models were walking in the theme of the storyline of their fashion video with the love triangle between good guy being Marvin, bad guy Corym and Jourdan caught in between. Marvin's masculine presence did him justice while walking down the runway and Jourdan's gorgeous couture clothing screamed high fashion which she wore extremely well. Everything went smoothly on the runway except for one minor stumble from Jourdan's beautiful black couture dress, which caught underneath her shoe but she was able to catch her balance immediately and walked it off like a pro.

The final competition didn't end at the Bali runway; there was one more photo shoot ready to be shot by the one and only Tyra herself. Throughout the competition, Tyra hadn't photographed the models. She may have done their make-up here and there but never was behind the lens to see how they connect with the camera. Jourdan and Marvin felt extremely comfortable while Tyra snapped away and directed their photo shoot. It was about being one with nature while representing ANTM Cycle 20. The shoot signified the growth and accomplishment that the two have triumphed over, from growing up less fortunate to being involved in an abusive relationship.


Things ultimately paid off for Jourdan, who is now AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL! You will be seeing her A LOT more now that she officially has her own spread in NYLON magazine, signed with NEXT Model Agency, and got that hefty $100,000 for becoming the face for the Guess campaign. All of her hard work and dedication paid off and she is surely is on cloud nine! This season was an exciting season to watch, having males and females competing, and I can only imagine what's to come next on Cycle 21. We will have to wait and see...



(Image courtesy of The CW)


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