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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water - Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 11/14/2013 by Gina in Survivor

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Tyson Apostol of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water


by Gina Scarpa


After a tribal council blindside, the best Survivor move would probably be to stay quiet and get under the radar quickly. Tina is unable to do that, confronting the tribe about the decision to send Aras to Redemption Island. Realizing she's now in some trouble, she advises Katie to make her own alliance and save herself before it's too late.


An immunity challenge gets underway immediately and the task at hand is to eat as much unappetizing food as possible. I don't care how hungry I am, I'm not wolfing down some mealworms or pig intestines. After shuddering and many close calls to throwing up, Gervase and Monica make it to the final to eat some grubs. Gervase jumps around and tries his hardest, but Monica is able to finish it first.


Why a challenge so early, you ask? It's a double eviction episode and first on the chopping block are Vytas and Katie. Tyson treads lightly going into the vote so he's not perceived as the mastermind, but with Aras gone last week and the tribe sending Vytas out right behind him, it's getting harder for him to hide.


The next day, the tribe members head to their second immunity challenge, where they have to balance coins on top of a sword. Monica goes out first, followed by CIera, Tina, Gervase, Laura, Caleb (yes, he's still playing!), and Tyson. Immediately after, Hayden drops which means that Katie is safe from the vote.


Knowing she's in trouble, Tina goes to look for the idol (which Tyson already has) and the guys follow to try to stop her from throwing a wrench in their game. Since she obviously can't find it, her only move is to pretend like she has it but nobody is falling for it. The Australian Outback winner choices the brothers Baskauskas at Redemption Island. It's gonna be an uphill battle for her to get back in the game, that is for sure! Those brothers aren't going down without a major fight.


Survivor: Blood Vs. Water airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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