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American Idol 12: Top 6 Sing the Songs They Wish They Had Written

Posted on 04/10/2013 by Kylene in American Idol

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American Idol 12

by Kylene Hamulak


After losing Burnell last week, American Idol is down to five girls and just one boy. As the show opens, we see just how hard Burnell's elimination hit both the contestants and the judges (particularly Nicki). The contestants are all singing two songs this week: the first will be the songs of Burt Bacharach/Hal and the second will be Songs the Idols Wish They Wrote.


Angie Miller

Angie's intro video reveals that she and her friend love making goofy YouTube videos, even though they don't have a huge following. I imagine that following is going to grow after tonight, so well done on the shameless plug, Angie!

Round One: "Anyone Who Had A Heart"

Strong performance from Angie. The delivery is a little boring, but her voice is terrific. Keith agrees - he asks for an impassioned performance, not just the high notes. Nicki feels similar - she thinks her voice is amazing, but the song felt old-fashioned (which will happen when you sing a Burt Bacharach song). Randy tells her to digest the song like it's one she wrote and really understand the lyrics. Mariah doesn't want to tear her down but suggests that she doesn't focus so much on the pronunciation of things. Once again she refers to how good Angie was in her original song, and I roll my eyes. I mean, Angie is hugely talented, but can we stop comparing her back to ONE performance?

Round Two: "Love Came Down" by Kari Jobe

Angie did everything she could to shut the judges up with her second performance, playing piano for the entire song and choosing something in the genre of her original performance. I'm sure the judges will lap it up, but like the doves on the screen and the cloud overtaking the stage, it's all a little too much for me. Randy loves it because it's who she is. Mariah says, "That piano and you? You never lose." Keith actually loved the production (and Angie of course) and thinks she's going to have great passion on tour. Nicki tells her that THIS performance is what people started voting for, and this is the only time she'll be at the top of the pack.


Amber Holcomb

When it comes to snacking, Amber likes to defrost frozen shrimp in her mouth. Shrimpsicles, if you will. And that concludes this episode of recipes I wish I never heard.

Round One: "I Say A Little Prayer"

I love her style on this one, and thank goodness it has a little pep. Personally, I didn't think it was her BEST performance, but the judges don't agree with me. Nicki is "bowing down right now for you, little girl." She pours it on a little thick, calling her unbelievable and telling her she is her absolute favorite in the competition. Randy declares, "AMBER HAS ARRIVED!" Mariah is impressed enough to call it A-plus-amazing. Keith calls it effortless. Amber is good (no doubt), but I wonder if there's a campaign to make sure all five girls make it to next week, even if their recent votes haven't been high enough for safety.

Round Two: "Love On Top" by Beyonce

Apparently someone told Amber it was 80's night, but she somehow pulls the outfit off. Know what else she pulls off? Beyonce. It's more the attitude than the voice, but it's a lot of fun. Mariah felt like she was enjoying herself, and Keith felt like it was a very natural fit. Nicki says, "You have arrived....you gave me everything I ever wanted in life, honey child." Randy says she's in it to win it. Again.


Lazaro Arbos

Who knew? Lazaro is a redneck who loves riding four-wheelers and hunting. That seems appropriate, as the target on his back gets bigger with each week.

Round One: "Close to You"

Does Lazaro remember all the words? I think so. I'm not really sure because I covered my ears at one point because he was so off-key. It's really bad. Randy is speechless. "That was horrible," he says, comparing it back to the audition phase. Interestingly, Mariah has apparently been reprimanded for being too nice, so she tries to be gentle as she tells him he sucks, but mostly she just babbles, and it's just as uncomfortable as Lazaro's stuttering. Keith brings the key change up too, and Nicki (smartly) just throws it back to Ryan instead of prolonging the agony. Maybe Lazaro will just pass on his second performance?

Round Two: "Angels" by Robbie Williams

No such luck on that pass. Come on. He's out of his league, and we all know it. It's not AS bad as his first performance, but it's not good enough to make us forget either. He sounds like he's trying to catch his breath for much of it, but at least it's not a total embarrassment. Keith basically tells him the girls are great and he's not. Nicki doesn't bother critiquing. Randy agrees and just says it's slightly better, but not good. Mariah tries to be positive and says it's in a better direction than his first performance.


Kree Harrison

Kree is a big fan of rodeos, which doesn't shock me as much as it maybe should.

Round One: "What the World Needs Now"

The song begins Kree a capella, and even when the band joins her, her voice is magnificent. It's a pretty standard rendition, but it's definitely got her mark. Mariah has a hard time finding her words tonight, but basically, she thought the song was perfect for Kree's voice. Keith feels genuine compassion in her voice and says it's the best she's ever sung. Nicki calls her voice "hella cocky." I wasn't sure how to take it, but then she explains, "If you're not performing at the Country Music Awards next year and the year after that, then my name ain't Annika Tanya Minaj, my child. Cause YOU are ready." Randy agrees with everyone.

Round Two: "Help Me Make It Through the Night" by Kris Kristofferson

Is this the first time we've seen Kree in a dress? She looks pretty, as does the stage behind her, but the song is just way too slow to get me excited. I love Kree, but country isn't generally the genre I gravitate towards, so maybe this was an amazing ballad. Nicki chooses to praise Kree and knock Janelle in one critique, saying that Kree can sell a song she doesn't know, where as Janelle doesn't do that for her. Randy calls her a "natural natural singer." Mariah rambles about herself before settling on "To hear you sing it, that's how the song should be sung. Yay Kree." Keith calls it a "buckle polisher," and I have no idea what that means. He predicts that she'll become a member of the Grand Ol' Opry.


Janelle Arthur

In 8th grade, Janelle played a boy in her school play, which is amusing because it's kind of the opposite of playing Dolly Parton as a kid. Which she also did.

Round One: "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"

Janelle works the room from the audience to the stage. It's a much softer country-pop twang with a pretty tone, but it's a little plain. Keith says it feels like he sees a different side of her every week, but Nicki thinks it was good but boring. Randy agrees and urges her to find spots to bring "Janelle" to the song. Mariah babbles almost incoherently - I can't even tell how she felt about it, so let's call it neutral.

Round Two: "The Dance" by Garth Brooks

Janelle's choice of song means a lot to her, and I think it shows in her performance. She's always going to have a pure country style, but she's so sweet about it I like it even as someone who doesn't listen hear a lot of country. There are a couple of rough notes, but they're all genuine. Randy thinks she did a good job, though it wasn't her best performance. Mariah appreciated the truth to her singing and feels we connected to her heart. Keith says it would've worked well with her just playing guitar, and Nicki thinks it was a much better vocal performance than her first, though not enough to stand up with the other girls.


Candice Glover

Candice gives us two facts about herself. The first? She speaks a dialect of English that the other contestants only barely understand. The second? She doesn't say it, but it's clear she doesn't care for cheesy interviews.

Round One: "Don't Make Me Over"

Oh gosh. I looooove it. She looks gorgeous, commanding the stage with her presence and her voice. The lighting is magical, and she really just shines up there. She's got a standing ovation from the judges (well, the ones who can stand, which is not Mariah). "Oh goodness gracious," Nicki begins. Nicki commends her for committing to the song and says it sounded like a current hit. Randy declares it the best vocal of the night (so far) and one of her best ever. Mariah agrees 100%. With that performance, Keith has put her in his Top 3. Keith, she should've been there anyway.

Round Two: "Love Song" by The Cure

Candice is miles apart from anyone else in this competition. That includes Kree and it includes Angie, and it includes Lazaro (ha!). She absolutely feels this song and kills the room. Keith is bowing down, Mariah goes up and GLITTER BOMBS her, the judges and crowd is out of their seats....I mean, KILLS it. She's crying at the response, and it just makes it even better. Randy calls it one of the greatest perfroamces in the history of the show, and he is NOT exaggerating this time. They don't even bother with any other critique; they just give her another standing ovation. Maybe it's because they ran out of time, but at least she deserved it.





Super Randy: Is Randy wearing a beaded Super Mario pin on his lapel? I need someone to confirm or deny this.


My Boyfriend's NOT Back: Amber put on the spot not once but TWICE about Burnell tonight, and that's always more awkward than charming. To clear the air, she tells us that they're just friends and spending some time getting to know each other before taking it anywhere else. Well. I'm glad that's cleared up.


Best, Worst, and What's Going On Here: In case you didn't get it from the review, Candice BLEW it up tonight. Lazaro? He did too. But in a different way. Meanwhile, there's Janelle. If only her voice could keep up with her personality, there'd be no competition, but she comes up a little short when compared to some of the other girls. Even so...it seems a little over the top that the judges (particularly Nicki) seem so keen on reminding her about it.


Final Thoughts: I can't even guess what's going on with a Bottom 2 or 3 tomorrow, except for one fact - I would be shocked if Lazaro went home. If America was voting based on performances, he would've had a tougher time making it through after forgetting his words. Twice. Unless there is producer intervention, I do believe the Lazaro effect is going to land Janelle at the bottom of the list tomorrow, possibly joined by Amber. On the bright side? The judges will use their last chance to activate the save. How's everyone feeling about Top 6 - Redux next week?


What did you think about tonight's performances? Do you think Lazaro will make it to the Top 5? Let us know what you're predicting in the comments below!


Catch American Idol every Wednesday and Thursday at 8/7C on Fox!


(Images courtesy of Fox)


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