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The Voice Season 3: Live Finale Recap

Posted on 12/18/2012 by Todd in The Voice

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Carson Daly with the Top 3 on The Voice Season 3

by Todd Betzold


The end has arrived for the Top 3 on The Voice and after two hours tonight we will find out who won Season 3! It is going to be a long two hours for me because I just want to know who won, but at least I have Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna to help the time go by a little quicker! There will also be performances by The Killers and Bruno Mars, so keep reading to find out who the winner is!


It is Christina Aguilera's birthday tonight, so we should expect some kind of celebration for that. Then we take a look back at the performances from last night. We get out first performer of the night, as Rihanna takes the stage to sing her 12th #1 song, "Diamonds." She looks beautiful.


Carson Daly takes some time to talk with the coaches and see what they thought about last night, but then it is time for Terry McDermott to perform his bring-back performance. He performed "Rock and Roll All Night Long" by KISS with Rudy Parris, Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Michaela Paige. It was super fun and they all rocked it out.


The awesome thing with finale shows is that the singers get to sing with some legends and Nicholas David kicks that off, as he takes the stage to sing "Cruisin'" with Smokey Robinson! Smokey may look like hell and has had way too much work done to his face, but the performance was awesome.


Now The Killers perform "Here With Me" alongside Cassadee Pope. This band may be popular, but I am not familiar with them and I like them. Cassadee comes in towards the end and does sound good.


We get a performance by what they are deeming as the "heartthrobs" from Season 3. I guess that includes Dez Duron, MacKenzie Bourg, Cody Belew, Diego Val and Julio Cesar Castillo and they perform "Stacy's Mom." I can get on board with everyone but Julio and Diego being up there. Why them?


Now it is time for my girl to take the stage, as Kelly Clarkson performs her hit song "Catch My Breath" with Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope. I just love Kelly and think she is a breath of fresh air. I love that she is engaged now and she just looks so happy!


For her performance, Cassadee brings back her girls and performs "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons with Melanie Martinez, De'Borah and Liz Davis. This was another fun performance and I enjoyed all these girl throughout the season, so good to see them again.


We have another legend take the stage, as Peter Frampton joins Terry on the stage to sing "Baby, I Love Your Way." Again, it is so awesome these guys get to sing with such legends and they sounded great together!


After a special little video message for Christina and her birthday, it is time for the girls to take the stage and give us some disco, as Joselyn Rivera, Loren Allred, Sylvia Yacoub, Devyn DeLoera and Adriana Louise sing "Best Of My Love." It was super fun and girl power!


Then the Top 3 get a special surprise from St. Cee Lo, as they are all given a Kia vehicle of their choice! Good for them, but I am jealous!


Time for Bruno Mars to premiere his new single "When I Was Your Man," which I did like. He seems to be having a theme of love on his latest CD and this was a touching song.


Now we get to see Nicholas David bring back some of his friends, like Dez Duron, Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte, as they sing "End Of The Road" by Boyz II Men. They all have great voices and this was an awesome performance...good choices Nicholas!


Cassadee gets a chance to sing with her idol, as her and Avril Lavigne take the stage to sing "I'm With You." They have very similar voices and it sounded very good. This is Cassadee's roots, so she shined.


The coaches take the stage to perform together one more time before Christina and Cee Lo take a break next season and Shakira and Usher join the coaches' panel. It is a touching performance of "Time Of My Life" by Green Day.


The time has come for us to finally get the results we have been waiting for. Terry, Cassadee and Nicholas all take the stage to find out who the winner is tonight on The Voice. Carson tells us the third place singer first, which happens to be Nicholas David! I am so mad, but not surprised. That leaves Cassadee and Terry and the winner of The Voice Season 3 is Cassadee Pope! I am not shocked, but back-to-back wins for Blake Shelton and Team Blake. Are you happy with the results?


(Image courtesy of NBC)


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