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Big Brother 8: When Hating Your Picture Is The Worst Of Your Problems (7/8/07)

Posted on 07/08/2007 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By RealityCheckByGina

When we check in on the houseguests, they're still reeling from the news that some of them will have rivals in the house. Carol & Jessica are former high school rivals, Daniele & Dick are an estranged father & daughter, and Dustin & Joe are bitter ex-boyfriends. Daniele takes the news the hardest, having a very shaky relationship with her dad. She hasn't spoken to him in years but she won't be able to avoid him anymore. Dick tries to smooth things over but Daniele isn't ready yet. Dustin & Joe are also unable to talk things out & Joe campaigns to have Dustin immediately removed. Carol attempts to put high school behind her but it looks like Jessica is still roamin' the halls!

Kail is HOH (Head of Household) and will have a tough decision to make in putting up people for eviction. First, the housemates' pictures go up on the wall, making Jen very emotional. She's never taken a worse picture! We should all have such problems. Joe provides some comedy, saying she acted like someone died & then throwing in that he loved his own picture!

Back to strategizing: Kail & Mike form a quick alliance and try to pull in 2 more. Zach is pulled in to the group as well as Nick. Before nominations are thrown down, a veto competition must take place. The housemates are split into two teams who must transfer as much butter from a pump into a giant bucket of popcorn by scraping it off each other. Winners get food for the weeks, losers get Big Brother slop (which may just be the nastiest food created in a lab). The red team creams the blue team, very much earning their food for the week.

Time to check in with America's Player, Eric, and see what assignment America has given him this week. Eric's got to tell a traumatic story from his past & America will decide which houseguest he will tell that story to. You can vote free online at www.cbs.com/bigbrother.

Speaking of America's Player, Eric is the first to be called out as being safe at the nomination ceremony. Joe, Zach, Daniele, Jen, Mike, Jameka, and Nick are also safe. Dick, Jessica, and Dustin all have immunity this week so that leaves Carol & Amber without keys to safety. Kail calls out Carol & Amber for being the first ones out in the HOH competition, therefore being weak players.

Who will win the Power of Veto? How will Eric's first task as "America's Player" go down? Check out Big Brother's next episode, Tuesday at 9pm EST.


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