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Pirate Master: It's A Man's World (7/5/07)

Posted on 07/06/2007 by RealityWanted in Pirate Master

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By RealityCheckByGina

Louie & Joy vow to win Nessa back the $9,000 she unnecessarily spent on the last episode, trying to get a royal pardon. What they don't know is that a good chunk of that was loaned to her by Joe Don, so she is not as broke as she says. The women worry that then men have too much power and look to make a change in power. At least some things never change, and Captain Azmyth's fake accent is one of them. Good to know we have some constants aboard the ship.

When it's time for their next treasure hunt, the women are looking to take it all. Captain Azmyth, Jay, and Ben will be on the black crew along with Laurel, Christa, and Joy. Facing them, on the red crew, is Louie, Joe Don, Nessa, Kendra, and Jupiter. The pirates must swim to shore from their ship and locate a hidden letter which gives them their next set of clues. The crews are neck & neck but the black crew makes a slight advance.

The pirates must carry ladders up a steep path to their next clue. Joy slows her crew down by failing to stay at the front of the group to read the map and give direction. Despite Joy, the black crew maintains their lead as they press on. The crews will continue into the jungle until they find masts in a tree. They'll use their ladders to climb the tree & retrieve a key which is tied up.

At the tree, the crews catch up but Louie's inability to find the key costs the red crew precious time. The crews run to a footbridge containing clues leading them to the treasure and the black crew maintains the power and their fortune. The red crew is miserable while the red crew enjoys a $40,000 treasure. Azmyth's crew is unhappy that he & his officers take a bigger cut of the treasure, leaving their fellow crewmates with less money.

When it's time to hand out black spots, Joy, Kendra, and Joe Don are up for elimination. The men are gunning to get rid of Joy, and try to strong arm the women to vote their way. At pirates court, Azmyth lists the reasons why the three have been given black spots: Kendra & Joy are nominated for their weakness in physical challenges while Joe Don has been put up for being a dangerous & strong competitor.

It's time to count the votes but before we find out the results, we get to see who won the royal pardon. Joe Don blows the other bids away by throwing down $12,000 to stay aboard the ship. However, he didn't need it as he didn't receive a single ballot & by a vote of 3-2, Joy is the one cut adrift.

Stay tuned as we'll be talking to Joy about her time on Pirate Master!


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