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Big Brother 8: New Season, New Twists (7/5/07)

Posted on 07/05/2007 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By RealityCheckByGina
It's time for a new season of Big Brother and we've got a new crop of 14 houseguests. There's a new twist and some houseguests will find themselves with unwelcome roommates � an estranged father & daughter, bitter ex-boyfriends, and former high school best friends. The drama meter just hit 10! First, let's meet the new houseguests:
Amber, 27, Cocktail Waitress
Carol, 21, Student
Daniele, 20, Waitress
Dick, 44, Bar Manager
Dustin, 22, Shoe Salesman
Eric, 27, Talent Management Assistant
Jameka, 28, School Counselor
Jen, 23, Nanny
Jessica, 21, College Student
Joe, 23, Receptionist
Kail, 37, Business Owner
Mike, 26, Painting Contractor
Nick, 25, Former Pro Football Player
Zach, 30, Graphic Designer

The new houseguests settle in to get to know one another and just as they do, they learn that there are actually two separate groups (a group of 11 & a group of 3) in the house & they'll meet up soon. First, the group of 11 will compete in the first Head of Household competition. They head to the backyard, choose partners, and go stand in front of one of the giant mushrooms set up. Houseguests seated on the mushrooms will be asked true & false questions about their partner. Each false answer causes the mushroom to spin faster. Whoever can stay on their mushroom the longest, wins.

Amber cannot seem to get one answer right and her partner Carol goes down first. Zach & Jen are eliminated next followed by Daniele & Mike. Eric tries to throw the competition but he inevitably keeps getting answers correct, leaving him & Kail in the final two against Joe & Jameka. Despite Eric's efforts to sabotage his duo, he & Kail end up winning but only one can be Head of Household. The group of 3 who have been watching the group of 11's every move will decide who becomes HOH. They choose Kail, much to Eric's relief.

It's time to meet the group of 3 who have been waiting to join the remaining housemates. The first to join the group is Carol's high school rival, Jessica. The next is Daniele's estranged father, Dick. Finally, Joe's ex-boyfriend Dustin joins the housemates. There's one more twist before tonight's episode comes to an end. For the first time, one of the housemates is "America's Player" and throughout the game, play the way the viewers want him to. Eric has been chosen as that player and the houseguests have no idea! Viewers can give directions to Eric at cbs.com so start dictating.

The next episode of Big Brother airs Sunday night at 8pm EST


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