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The Glass House: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 07/31/2012 by Gina in The Glass House

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The Glass House


by Kylene Hamulak


Last we left The Glass House, Jeff and Mike were in Limbo. Mike ended up there as captain of the losing team. Jeff? He sacrificed himself. Did he make the right decision and correctly predict that the audience would bring him back to the house? Of course, we're gonna have to wait half a show before we find out.


While Mike and Jeff are in Limbo, the rest of the house is told they'll be wearing their "Thrift Store Hipster" finest for 24 hours. Erica describing hipsters (especially the air quotes) is terrific. Kevin? Chooses a Newsie cap and glasses, and I love it. Know who else kind of likes it? Stephanie. And it's awesome when Erica, through her laughter, points out, "You only have a crush on Kevin if he's a hipster?!"


The next task from the wall? Date night. And each player has been matched with a role. Andrea is the Chef, Erica is a waiter ("Please don't make me be a waitress," she pleads, "I do that every day."), and Stephanie is assigned the sous chef. Gene is chosen as one of the daters, and though they all assume it'll be with Joy, she's given the role of busser instead. So who is he going on a date with? KEVIN! Good job, viewers!


Not long after, several of the housemates are just sitting around the table, having very friendly conversation about how Kevin tells the truth and Gene is arrogant, when ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF NO WHERE, Joy pops in a comment about Andrea being manipulative and the yelling begins. Honestly...it feels like that's how all the arguments start in this house, doesn't it?


I feel like something needs to be said about Kevin's mustache. Like, it should be mentioned. So I'm mentioning it.


What I'm not going to mention? The spoiler during the commercial bumper.


So anyway, at some point the players changed from being hipsters to wearing little sailor hats, while Kevin and Erica were given the direction from the wall to talk like a pirate and parrot, respectively. Gene is asked what was one thing he didn't expect to happen in The Glass House, and when he responds that he made a rule not to fall in love in the house, Erica questions his sincerity.


While all of the Glass House players are irritating in some way, I have to admit Erica is one of my favorites. She's honest to a fault, even when it makes her look like a fool, and she generally stirs trouble, not creates it. Joy, of course, takes offense and starts interrogating Erica, who says she trusts Kevin more than Gene.


Ladies and gentlemen, it took 8 weeks, but it was not until Joy said something about Kevin throwing a stone at Erica that I FINALLY understood what the hell their voting rocks meant. Stones. Glass House. Got it.


Want some quality time between roommates now? Because that's what you're gonna get. First it's Erica seeming (genuinely?) interested in Andrea's Mormon lifestyle. Then it's Joy and Gene. Or, rather, Gene trying to follow the crazy life story Joy is telling him about how she tried to fit in in high school but then had sex and everyone hated her. Or...something. I lost interest, and Gene's eyes sort of glazed over too.


In the return from Limbo, we find out that the vote was almost evenly split - the winner received only 51% of the vote. So who had the edge? Looks like Jeffrey made it back over Mike - but JUST barely. Bet no one will be volunteering for Limbo again!


Despite some predictions about team captains, we learn that, somewhat surprisingly, Andrea has not been named captain - this time it's Joy and Stephanie. Joy is sad and angry and whatever, I stopped listening. She needs to be less whiney and stop picking stupid fights. I mean, entertaining ones, go right ahead, but stupid? Don't bother.


So the teams are challenged to some sort of giant skeeball game, which requires the teams to throw four balls into their bucket. Um, after last week's giant decoder ring, I've gotta say - THESE GAMES ARE GETTING AWESOME! Stephanie chose Kevin and Erica (and Jeffrey chose to align with them), while Joy has picked Gene (surprise!) and Andrea. For some reason, Erica finds this extremely physically demanding, ("I am huffing and puffing like a kid at fat camp!") and it's official. She's my favorite.


Skeeball, in general, turns out to be kind of a disaster. Andrea tells us about Joy's prancing as we watch her throws landing everywhere else. Kevin manages to win two prizes, but not get the ball in their bucket. Soon they start gaining steam, however, and before long (and, more importantly, before Team Joy), they have their win. (Incidentally, if you notice the caricatures of the players in the house, note that those were drawn by a fan and part of Kevin's prize, in addition to the total of $5000 he won!)


What comes next? Oh yes, the losing team pleading their case, which in this instance means Joy begging Erica not to send Gene to Limbo, which she wants to do because she doesn't trust him. Joy tells Erica that if she "throws a stone" at Gene, she considers it a stone thrown at her. Interestingly, Erica tells Joy that she has made it a bad situation by making herself and Gene a "package deal." And then Joy starts yelling.


Because that's what she does.


Fanswers this week come from Andrea's family, which includes three adorable kids. We learn the viewers prefer people to be humble, Erica should follow her new alliance, and Jeffrey should turn on Gene before he turns on him. As Jeffrey, Erica and Andrea figure out, the audience tells them to vote Gene into Limbo.


Despite the Fanswers, the vote is a difficult one for Erica and Jeffrey, and Erica bases her decision on the viewers. Jeffrey is hugely conflicted about whether to honor his word to Joy and vote for Andrea, or to protect his strategy and vote for Gene. In the end, Jeffrey chooses Andrea, forcing Joy's swing vote into play. She, of course, votes for Andrea.


Though she makes her plea for the right to return to the house, it may already be too late to undo how the viewers feel about Joy. There are twists ahead though, as an eliminated player will return to the game. Haven't we been teased enough, Glass House? Is it really necessary to threaten to bring Alex back?!



The Glass House airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.


(Image courtesy of ABC)


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