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Hell's Kitchen Season 10: Exclusive Interview With Kimmie Willis

Posted on 07/25/2012 by Todd in Hells Kitchen and Cast Interviews

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Kimmie Willis from Hell's Kitchen Season 10

by Todd Betzold


It was Southern Cuisine Night in Hell's Kitchen and this was Kimmie Willis' chance to shine. She is from the South and talks a big game when it comes to cooking food from the South. When dinner serviced rolled around, Kimmie cracked under pressure and gave a lackluster performance. Both teams had a terrible dinner service, but in the end Kimmie was sent home by Chef Ramsay. Today, we got an exclusive interview with Kimmie as she talked about her relationship with Barbie, why she went home and much more.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What made you decide to try out for Hell's Kitchen?
A. Kimmie: I've always watched the show and I am always making fun of the people on there on how they can't do that, what is wrong with them. So, I decided to go try out. I was actually working for Lil Wyte and he was like, you need to do this. This is so you, this is your personality, you need to go. So, he made me go down and tryout and I made it and look at me now.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: You said you had some grease splash up and burn your face during dinner service. How bad were the burns?
A. Kimmie: It wasn't as bad as the first burns on got on my hand, but it was bad enough where it hurt and I couldn't see for a few minutes. It was bad, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the first burns I got on my hand.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: It was Southern Cuisine for dinner service and you struggled. Do you think because it is your style of cooking and you struggled is the reason why you were sent home?
A. Kimmie: That's all just pressure. The pressure had gotten to me. I knew Chef Ramsay was watching me hardcore that night and the pressure got to me. I know how to cook catfish, I mean come on, I'm from the South. It's all pressure that night.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: You and Barbie did not get along at all and you wanted her off the show. Was it that bad in person or was it made to look worse on TV?
A. Kimmie: No, me and Barbie did not get along at all on the show. I guess it's just our personalities clashed, with her being the Mom figure and me being the leader-type. It just didn't work out, but now we are actually really good friends. I actually went spent a few days with her on her farm. Her family is really nice and we are really good friends now.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What was it like working in Hell's Kitchen and under Chef Ramsay and all the chaos/drama and what not? What was that experience like for you?
A. Kimmie: The experience for me is a dream come true. I've been fighting to get this dream for a long time. Just being next to Chef Ramsay and learning from him and all the knowledge that I gained. He's such an inspirational man and for him to sit there and teach us all the things he knew, it was unexplainable. You can't even put into words how you feel when you're standing there and you get to do this for what you've been doing for so long.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: What's the biggest thing you are going to be taking away from this whole Hell's Kitchen experience?
A. Kimmie: The biggest thing I am going to take away from the Hell's Kitchen experience are that my possibilities are never endless. Chef Ramsay told us to keep living our dream and keep going for it. I realize that now and now I have opportunities all over the world hitting me up to come cook for them, so I know my possibilities are endless with the knowledge I've gained from Hell's Kitchen.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: Now that you're off the show, are you rooting for anyone to win this season?
A. Kimmie: I'm totally rooting for my girl Robyn. Everyone should know that's my girl, that's my best friend. So, I'm totally rooting for Robyn.


Q. Todd, RealityWanted: Where are you cooking now and what can readers expect next from you?
A. Kimmie: Right now I am cooking at The Cratemaker in Collierville, which is a little suburb off of Memphis. I'm also in the process of starting up my own catering business, called Lil Bitz Catering Business. It should be up and running by the end of the year, beginning of January, hopefully.


Hell's Kitchen airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.


(Image courtesy of FOX)


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