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Hell's Kitchen Season 10: Episode 13 Recap

Posted on 07/17/2012 by Todd in Hells Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen Season 10

by Todd Betzold


Hell's Kitchen ended last night with Clemenza on the verge of being kicked out of the kitchen without dinner service even starting yet! The Red Team and Blue Team created the menu for dinner service, but will Clemenza get a chance to even cook tonight?


With only 30 minutes before the dinner service begins, the Blue Team has to work big time on their menu and Clemenza remains in the kitchen. Comments cards from the dinner patrons will help Chef Ramsay decide who will be the winner tonight.


Dinner service begins and Christina is overwhelmed with flatbreads and needs the help of Barbie to get them done. They get sent up and with Chef Ramsay's approval. The Red Team is now sending out apps with no problem. Meanwhile on the Blue Team, Robyn struggles with the apps and she feels Justin is jeopardizing her. They still struggle with them as the Red Team has served over half of their apps. Kimmie overcooks the duck, even though Barbie offered to help her.


With Robyn screwing up the scallops, she now does not have enough to make the last order and must go out and ask the patrons if they will replace it with something else, which they do. Kimmie then sends up more duck, which Chef Ramsay approves. She then sends up Rib Eye, which is overcooked and Chef Ramsay asks her if she even cares.


We are 45 minutes into the dinner service and both teams have just about finished apps and moving on to entrees. Kimmie sends up some more rib eye and Chef Ramsay said they are beautiful, so she redeems herself. The Blue Team sends up entrees and Brian forgets to put onions on the dish for garnish, which holds the entrees back from going out. Brian then sends up a big clump of onions, which pisses Chef Ramsay off. He tries again and perfect and then Blue Team sends out their first entrees.


The Red Team keeps a steady pace sending out entrees, but James has a patron send back a raw lobster. Dana cooked the halibut perfect, but sent out raw lobster. She redeems herself sending up good halibut and lobster. On the Blue Team, Justin takes over the kitchen and becomes very vocal to make sure everyone is on the same page. Clemenza sends up good fish and entrees keep the entrees going out.


Tiffany makes a boo boo for the Red Team, as she uses a dirty sauté pan to cook up her fresh garnish. Chef Ramsay caught her scraping out the old garnish into the trash and then throws fresh vegetables into the pan. He goes off about it because they have hundreds of pans to use in the kitchen. Even though Justin has tried to keep the communication going in the Blue Kitchen, Clemenza is all over the place and confused. He struggles with the amount of Sea Bass needed and tells Chef Ramsay he has one down, but never does and Chef Ramsay catches him in his lie and calls him out on it! Brian goes over and tries to save the fish station.


The Red Team has food returned again, as they sent out raw potatoes. Tiffany gets called out for it and said she doesn't care. She said she cares about food more than her own family. Even though Dana told Tiffany the potatoes were raw before dinner service, here we are. Tiffany must put the potatoes back in the oven and the Red Team comes to a screeching halt. Justin takes back over for the Blue Team and he is determined to serve the rest of his team's entrees. He sends up steak that is overcooked, so he must start over again on the steaks.


The Red Team is waiting to finish their last two entrees and Tiffany has an attitude and keeps saying she has no clue how much longer on the potatoes. Chef Andi tells her she is the dirtiest chef she has ever seen and doesn't care and kicks her out and tells Dana to take over her station. The potatoes are still crunchy, so Dana throws some cream in them and puts them back in the oven. Despite her attempts, the potatoes still remain crunchy.


The Blue Team is on their last entrée and Brian sends up raw Sea Bass. Chef Ramsay is over it and kicks them all out of the kitchen! Before that, Clemenza was in the back eating haha. Chef Ramsay and Chef Scott complete the last entrée for the Blue Team. The Red Team gets the potatoes finally cooked and they serve up their final entrees.


The chefs all come back into Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsay rips up the comments cards because this was the worst dinner service tonight. Both teams are the losing team tonight and they must each decide two chefs to send up for nomination. They go back and discuss. The Blue Team wants to nominate Robyn, who is not having it. For the Red Team, they are nominating Tiffany (for her potatoes) and can't decide between Kimmie and Barbie for the other one. The Blue Team is voting on their second chef and it is between Clemenza and Brian, but Justin and Brian have their bromance going strong.


The chefs head back to Hell's Kitchen and tell Chef Ramsay their nominees. For the Blue Team it is Robyn and Clemenza, which sets their team off arguing. Justin said they never had turmoil on the Blue Team until Robyn joined them and he is over it. For the Red Team, it is Tiffany and Barbie. Chef Ramsay questions them choosing Barbie over Kimmie. He calls them all up and they get to defend why they should stay. He tells Tiffany that she doesn't have the fight like her other teammates and he tells Barbie that her team all wants her gone. Chef Ramsay said that Clemenza lied to him about the Sea Bass and told Robyn she is not a team player. The chef leaving tonight is Tiffany because Chef Ramsay cannot see a leader in her. The other three chefs get sent back in line and are safe.


Hell's Kitchen airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.


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